3ina taps Drake favourite, Marie-Sophie Lockhart.

Have you ever found yourself with a spare minute and a half and the fierce desire to do a Google Image search under the term ‘80s make-up’? It’s not unlikely you haven’t, so we’ll save you the bother and say the images that peer back go in hard on the eye shadow, win at excess, and probably won’t be championed by a contemporary make-up brand. Or at least that last bit was true before we spoke to 3INA Creative Director Natalie Hasseck, who’s just launched Art Freedom.

Inspired by 20th century subculture royalty like Boy George and Steve Strange – as well as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring – Art Freedom is the result of the beauty label’s first collaborative collection, which sees them exploring the recent depths of make-up history (blush powder pearls anyone?) with French born, New York based artist Marie-Sophie Lockhart.

Founding Lockhart Embroidering in 2015 – and quickly winning fans in Drake, Riri, Beyoncé and more – Marie-Sophie is the flare favouring Marc Jacobs collaborator who works in bright colours and Egyptian threads with a strong 70s aesthetic. Working alongside the Wonderland shop fave, she’s not only designed the packaging and made her notes on the products heard, but created a special jacket for the campaign, pictured below.

Having spent an afternoon with the pair trying (and failing) to master some of Lockhart’s embroidery talent, we were desperate to know more. Emails ensued, the below followed.

So how did the collaboration come about? 

Natalie Hasseck: Originally we were exploring Marie-Sophie’s work for the packaging of another collection, but soon realised that we wanted to collaborate on so much more than just packaging. Lucky for us it turned out that Malika, our Digital Editor, and Marie-Sophie are good friends! So an intro was made, followed by a series of Skype sessions and then Art Freedom was born. 

Natalie, when did you first become aware of Marie-Sophie’s work, and what made her such a strong collaborative choice for 3ina?

NH: I had been following Marie-Sophie’s Instagram for a while, but it was her collaboration with Marc Jacobs for his SS16 collection that really made me sit up and take notice. I was utterly obsessed with that collection and in particular the prints Marie-Sophie had designed. Work aside, Marie-Sophie’s attitude towards creativity, freedom of expression and life in general is what makes her a perfect collaborator. We, as a brand, love bold colour, an honest attitude and having fun. Marie-Sophie as a person (and through her work) embody all of these things. 

Marie-Sophie, when did you first learn about the brand, and what were your initial impressions?

Marie-Sophie Lockhart: I first learnt about 3INA a year ago and totally fell in love with the brand’s DNA and the products. 3INA challenges the traditional one-size-fits-all definition of beauty and they think globally; it’s a refreshing and contemporary approach and I was curious to learn more about the brand and their vision.

What’s your own relationship like with make-up?

NH: My earliest make-up memory was applying Tinkerbell peel-off nail polish at the kitchen table, spilling it everywhere, getting told off – but being secretly pleased because then it meant I could peel the whole table and not just my fingers. I was weirdly in to the removal of the polish more than the application. I guess I properly started wearing make-up at 15. My favourite product was this ice blue cream eyeshadow that I wore with thick black eyeliner in the waterline thinking it would make me look like Kirsten Dunst but, err didn’t. 

MSL: I started wearing make-up quite late – my mother was from a different generation and didn’t want me anywhere near it. In the end my sister gave me some, but I didn’t know how to use it…it was terrible! Eventually I learnt as a young adult how to use make-up and discovered I could have fun with it and use it to express my personality.

And which is your favourite piece from the new collection?

NH: I’m really in to the 80s Blush Powder Pearls. The colour is somewhere between a rose and a coral. I know everyone says this but it really does suit everyone. The pearls are so malleable and blendable, they don’t apply too powdery and the texture sort of sets like second skin rather than sitting on top. I’m also really in to the application. Yes, not the best product if you’re a girl on the move but you shouldn’t need to reapply anyway; once on, it’s on. I think there’s something to be said for slowing down and taking time to enjoy the process of a make-up routine. 

MSL: Tough question! I love the Chubby Highlighter; it’s so easy to use and suits so many different skin tones. The Art Freedom Eyeshadow Palette is brilliant because it allows you to play with colour and you can either create something very sophisticated or something bolder – it’s very versatile.

Marie-Sophie, you’ve customised a jacket, above, for the launch of the new collection which fans can win. Where did the initial idea to create a special piece come from and how did you decide what it should be?

NH: The piece really is a reflection of the theme Art Freedom. Marie-Sophie had complete carte blanche to do whatever she wanted to. She found this incredible old British school jacket and it just rolled from there with a green light all the way through. 

MSL: I had in my mind one of those very British school blazers and wanted to contrast that old English, posh style by covering it with loads of embroidery and patches. I took a uniform which you are not supposed to customise and went all out, hand embroidering the collar with a zen poem and adding handmade and vintages patches. It’s a rebellion against uniforms and the idea that we all should look the same and it’s also a celebration of self-expression and uniqueness.

How easy was it to source?

MSL: I found the jacket in New York City in a vintage store. I’ve been collecting patches for 10 years now, so I had a big collection to draw from, and then I made some by hand.

The whole campaign – from the make-up and packaging to the imagery – is very specific and so well curated. How much did it all change from the initial moodboard to the final product?

NH: It really does look how we imagined it! Very similar to the initial stages. What is so brilliant is that the final result came from artistic freedom and not a lot of control over the process. We really wanted Marie-Sophie to just do her thing and feel free – I honestly think that’s why it worked so well. 

And where did the Art Freedom moniker come from?

NH: At the start of the project we knew we wanted to explore the 80s – a period where we felt there was a lot of artistic expression, particularly when it came to beauty and fashion. We were looking at the New Romantics, Boy George, Visage, Steve Strange, Basquiat, Keith Haring – the list goes on. But rather than confining it or trying to define it in any way, we realised what we were actually interested in was the sense of freedom, the nothing to lose nothing to gain spontaneity and the fun! It was just pure Art Freedom. 

So finally, who is the Art Freedom woman?

NH: It’s anyone who understands the attitude explained above – that nothing to gain, nothing to lose boldness. Someone who likes to explore and have a good time! 

3ina can be found at the Wonderland shop, 192 Piccadilly, W1J 9ET. For more information on winning Marie-Sophie’s jacket, head here.

Zoe Whitfield

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