New Noise: Rumours

Chatting with the electronic-pop roommates.

Mark, Federico and Marion are 100% dedicated to their band. Coming together whilst studying music in London, the trio decided to live together in North East London, going against the uni flatmate traditions of houses being full of pizza boxes and empty bottles of Echo Falls, and opting instead to build a studio within their home for all their recording needs.

Definitely paying off, Rumours have been praised for their unique mix of electronic production and poignant songwriting, with Mark and Marian’s stunning vocals beautifully intertwining over soaring synths. Back with their newest track “Invitations”, which is a rich and hypnotic electro-pop banger, the band are showing no signs of slowing down.

We caught up with Marion to find out all about the coolest bunch of roommates-slash-electronic-masterminds out there.

How did you all meet?

Mark and Federico grew up together in a small town in Italy called Reggio Emilia. They built a really strong friendship through making music together over the years. I grew up in Oslo, Norway but wanted to explore what it meant to live in a place that offered more creative opportunities, so moved to London at age 20. We all met here while studying music – actually it was at a party!

What do you each bring to Rumours?

Federico has always been into electronic music. After being a drummer for years and playing many different styles of music, he decided to move into production. Mark’s main focus has been on the songwriting side, he has a real knack for poetic lyrics. Then I came along and added my more free, ethereal melodies into the mix. Between all of our strengths and weaknesses I think we have ended up finding some sort of balance.

Do you think coming from Italy and Norway and making music in London has had an influence on your sound?

More so than the countries we grew up in, I think it was the influence of our families and the creative environment that we’ve been surrounded with, that has shaped our interest in music from an early age. Mark’s dad is a Jazz pianist and composer and played a big role in helping him realise how much he could get out of performing and writing. Fede is from a family of ballet dancers and choreographers and has always been surrounded by music and creative people. I’m also from a creative and adventurous family. Their support has made me brave enough to take chances and follow my dream of pursuing music as a career. We all had this urge to come to London where music and arts is a more of an open-minded affair, and where not only the most mainstream pop music could see the light of day. Coming to London really opened our ears to different types of music.

“It’s nice to be close to the people you share so much with, it could easily become a bit too much sometimes but so far we’ve been very good at enjoying this experience and making the most of it.”

You all live together in North East London. How does living together help you as a band?

Living together is really great, especially in a big city like London. The process of writing music is more spontaneous than before, we have a humble studio in our small living room and that allows for us to make music together at any time. It’s nice to be close to the people you share so much with, it could easily become a bit too much sometimes but so far we’ve been very good at enjoying this experience and making the most of it.

For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe your sound?

Our sound reflects the strong musical influences that we have from many different genres. It is a dynamic mix of heavy beats, contrasting melodic voices and rhythmic, melodic synth hooks.

Can you tell us about your newest single “Invitations”?

For us “Invitations” is the embodiment of how our music has evolved over the last 2 years. It definitely has to grow on you a bit more than some of our other songs because we decided to venture outside of what we think is ‘easy listening’ and instant gratification and focus more on what makes our sound different.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

The meaning of the song itself is about being inspired and expressing yourself. Living every experience to its fullest.

What else have you got lined up for this year?

We do have a few new releases up our sleeve, with one single coming out very soon and some fun gigs in the pipeline. We have also started doing DJ sets (The first being at NT’s in Netil House on the 14th of April) and we are playing a headlining gig at Birthdays in Dalston on the 12th of May. You can also catch us at the Funk and Soul Weekender Festival on the 13th of May, and at Dimensions Festival in Croatia!

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