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Meet your new favourite girl group.

(LEFT – RIGHT) Jacket COACH, all other clothing MCQ

(LEFT – RIGHT) Jacket COACH, all other clothing MCQ

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Pink Angels are the new girl group about to take over the world. Made up of four best friends, the pop sensations burst onto the scene last year with their debut single “Slay Mama” and are now gearing up for the release of new track, “Mamma Don’t Lie”.

Although still just teens, the girls have already achieved superstar success scoring a TV show and performing alongside Little Mix and Rita Ora. With their astounding live performances, they’ve gained a wide and loyal fanbase who are as buzzing as we are for their upcoming album.

With festivals, a reality show and a film in the works (all alongside “Mamma Don’t Lie” – phew!), we sat down with the ladies to find out who Pink Angels are.

How did you all meet?

Nikki: I knew Tereza before this band. We danced together. But we were all put together in a competition.

Tereza: Which was seven years ago. No, seven and a half. We had to sing and dance, and that’s how we made Pink Angels.

Kind of like The X Factor?

Tereza: No, it wasn’t public.

Natalie: Yeah, they found us.

Nikki: We were all doing something before. Angee did some advertising, we [Nikki and Tereza] were dancing, Natalie was singing. They knew us, so they wanted to invite us to the competition, but it wasn’t on camera.

What music did you all listen to growing up? Do you have quite different musical tastes?

Natalie: I wouldn’t say our tastes are that different. I like The Kooks, and indie rock, and U2.

Tereza: Yes U2! And we like Zara Larsson and DJs, like KYGO and Calvin Harris.

You guys are performing at the same gig as Calvin Harris, right?

Natalie: Yeah, we’re playing the same gig in Japan and Korea!

Tereza: It’s really, really exciting!

Nikki: I mean, we know that we’re going, but we can’t really imagine actually being on a stage and then after us Calvin is on the same stage! I think we will try to meet him but we’ll probably all just fangirl.

Tereza: Yeah, like “I love you, I’m Tereza, hey!” haha.

Tell me about it! I fangirl over people so badly.

Nikki: Yeah. I know that if I ever met someone that I had a huge crush on, I would say that I would go over to him and just be like “Hey, what’s up?” but in real life I’d probably just be like “Oh my god, hi! Can I take a photo with you please?”

Haha, so true. So, although you guys were all doing stuff before, was it always your dream to be in a girl band?

Nikki: You know, we were so young, I was eight and they were nine, that I think at that time we were just kind of doing our hobbies and this is what came from it. Now I know that I definitely want to do this for the rest of my life, but back then I was just having fun.

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It’s so nice that you’re all doing something that you enjoy so much!

Nikki: Yeah, people always say to us, “It’s so good that you can’t imagine doing anything else than this”, but I really don’t know what else I would be doing! So, I think we’re gonna stick with this because there’s nothing else that we can actually do.

How was growing up in the Czech Republic? Would you say that it had an influence on your music?

Tereza: Haha, not at all!

Angee: Czech is such a small country, and people tend to really just listen to rock music. So that was our main issues; there were no festivals to play at.

Nikki: Yeah, in the UK you have so many festivals with pop music. And in Czech there isn’t any!

Tereza: Just rock.

Nikki: And every time we went to a festival, we’d be those weird kids with glitter on our faces that were trying to dance in front of all these people with beer in their hands.

Natalie: Czech people are not used to this! It’s just a completely different style.

Nikki: People know us in Czech because we had a TV show and a musical, so we definitely have a history there. But music wise, I don’t think that that’s the best place to stay for us because that’s not our style.

So were there no bands from the Czech Republic that influenced you growing up?

Angee: No, I don’t think so.

Tereza: There are no girl bands!

Nikki: Well maybe there are but no one knows them!

Can you describe the Pink Angels sound in three words?

Nikki: Pop with attitude!

Tereza: Oh, that was a good one!

Angee: Catchy, funky, dancey.

What do you think sets you apart from other girl bands who are on the scene at the moment?

Natalie: Definitely our history, because we were together for such a long time and we were not put in something like The X Factor. We grew up together! We’re just so used to each other, we’re like family, and I think people can definitely see it on stage and off stage.

Nikki: Yeah, we just know each other so much and are so close to each other, and I think that that’s a thing that no one else really has. Like, they were 18 when they started and we were nine! So that’s the difference. We were put together as young kids, and they were all adults. And also, we’re still so much younger than all of these other girl bands, and our main goal is just to bring people confidence and show them that they shouldn’t be comparing themselves to anyone else. We’re just trying to be normal, and not too sexy. And that doesn’t apply to just girl bands, like a lot of singers are just trying to be really sexy and showy in videos. We’re just trying to be normal kids.

Angee: I mean, of course we’re still flipping hair and wearing nice make up!

Tereza: Yeah! But it’s all just toned down.



So, your new single “Mamma Don’t Lie”, what can you tell us?

Angee: We’re in the UK this week to show people what we’re doing and in April we are releasing it!

How would you describe the track?

Tereza: We already had one single before this which was “Slay Mama” and we wanted to keep “Mamma Don’t Lie” for a little bit later when everyone had got to know us a bit more.

Nikki: Yeah, “Mamma Don’t Lie” is a track that everyone really believes in. It’s about confidence and just being happy. It’s something that everyone can dance to. We’re really happy with this song, we really believe in it.

You were saying it’s from your album, what’s the status with that?

Natalie: It’s finished! It’s done now.

Angee: We’re gonna be releasing it this year. We’re not sure what date yet though!

Cool. And what can we expect from it?

Natalie: It’s ten great songs about life..

Nikki: There’s quite a few with drops because we’re super into DJs. And we just like to have fun; the whole album is about having fun. I mean we’re still young so I don’t think we should really be singing about issues!

Natalie: Yeah we’re just trying to sing about what we know, like parties and boys!

What else have you got planned for 2017?

Nikki: We have so many plans!

Natalie: Yeah we have those gigs with Calvin…

Tereza: And also a movie!

Nikki: Yes, and the movie that we’re gonna do in LA this summer.

Angee: And a reality show, and festivals! It’s going to be great.

Nikki: Yeah, everything is moving so quickly, and we just can’t wait for everything we have planned to happen!

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Pink Angels

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