Our fave songs at the moment.

Blondie – “Long Time”

The ever iconic Blondie have released their newest teaser of upcoming album, Pollinator, out 5th May. Echoing everyone’s favourite “Heart of Glass”, “Long Time” features soaring 80s synths, instantly dance-along-to guitar riffs and Debbie’s amazing vocals. With Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) collaborating on the track, it’s a modern pop song with a throwback feel, well and truly proving that Blondie will never go out of style.

Spinning Coin – “Raining On Hope Street”

Glasgow-based indie rockers, Spinning Coin, are the bittersweet Scottish band that you’ve always wanted. Newest track, “Raining On Hope Street”, is a paradoxical indie-pop song, with melancholic lyrics floating over jangly, catchy guitar riffs. And as the vocal harmonies of Jack Mellin and Sean Armstrong tell you “If I had a heart, I would give it to you”, it’s almost impossible not to give yours to the beautiful quartet.

Odina – “Why’d You Make Me Cry”

Spanish songwriter Odina explores the legitimacy of love in her new track “Why’d You Make Me Cry”. A beautifully intimate song, the simplicity and minimalism of the guitar allows Odina’s spine-tingling vocals to shine. Slight warning to be had, this song will make you feel all the feels. We’re not crying, you are.

Bad Wave – “1955”

Bad Wave are taking #tbt to a whole new level. Giving us some ’50s vibes, the LA duo blend synth-pop and indie-rock to create the hypnotising track “1955”. As the guys say of the song, “A lot of things happened in 1955. Elvis made his first television appearance. Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat. Steve Jobs was born and Albert Einstein died. Some people wish we could go back to 1955. A nostalgia for a simpler time. But we’re more excited about what’s ahead. We’ve got nostalgia for the future.” And thus the futuristic throwback track that we can’t stop playing on repeat was born…

Ásgeir – “Stardust”

Iceland’s biggest musician is back with his newest track, “Stardust”. With his second album, Afterglow, out on 5th May, the multitalented instrumentalist is teasing us with his newest experimental pop song. Incorporating sound and production experiments to stop the track being too “serious”, Ásgeir has created an uplifting and honest track with the stunning “Stardust”. An exciting example of what’s to come, the Icelandic superstar is set to go global.

Sea Bed – “Silent Song”

Following their critically-acclaimed 2016 EPs, “Moving Ghosts” and “The Art Of Living”, Sea Bed are back with their new track “Silent Song”. The B-side to recent track “Pretender”, it’s a pulsating and captivating song about the vulnerabilities of falling in love. Spine tingling and soul bearing, the band have perfectly blended R&B and electronic to create a beautiful track, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Azusena – “Better”

23 year old electro-pop babe, Azusena, is about to become your new obsession. Her magical voice paired with hypnotic rhythms have made her newest track “Better” an absolute must-listen. Creative and enchanting, the song is about having a deep connection with someone who completely gets you. And we love it.

WOLF KASH – “Slow Burn”

Brother duo Jordan and Harry Saward’s musical project WOLF KASH have just dropped the incredible new track “Slow Burn”. Taking inspiration from the title, the track is a building electronic soundscape that oozes emotion. The lead track from their debut EP, get ready for big things from these boys.

Fenne Lily – “What’s Good”

Far from the Nicki Minaj/Miley Cyrus beef that this title reminds us of, “What’s Good” is the beautifully peaceful track from Fenne Lily. Hailing from Bristol, her haunting vocals will send chills down your spine. Accompanied by a minimalistic guitar backing, the focus is purely on her vocals, and for good reason. As Fenne breaths the lyrics softly and emotionally into your ear, prepare to be completely bewitched.

Adian Coker – “24 Carat (feat. Tamaraebi)”

Adian Coker is back (Yay!) with newest offering “24 Carat”. Following his 2016 EP “Connect”, the South Londoner has released an absolute banger featuring Tamaraebi. With a new EP on the horizon, prepare to fall in love with Adian’s clever and soulful lyrics.

Emelie Hollow – “Like I Love You”

Writing music since the tender age of 11, 18 year old Emelie Hollow is the next big thing from Norway. Showing off her brilliant vocals, and with an absolute killer drop, the track is a quirky electro-pop smash. We can’t wait to see what else the exciting newcomer has in store for us.

Bad Sea – “Over My Head”

Meeting on Tinder, as opposed to romantic sparks, creative ones are what drew Ciara Thompson and Alan Farrell together. Showing that love’s loss can be music’s gain, the duo have been making out-of-this-world music. Back with their newest track, “Over My Head”, it is simply stunning and Ciara’s vocals bring out all the feels. Get ready for greatness.

Hilang Child – “Solve (feat. JM∆C)”

London songwriter Hilang Child has teamed up with best friend JM∆C for a one-off collaboration. With pulsing electronics paired with Hilang Child’s incredible voice, “Solve” is, quite simply, stunning. Gearing up for the release of his debut album, we’re buzzing to hear what’s next.

Nilüfer Yanya – “The Florist”

Drawing inspiration from greats such as Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley, Nilüfer has been making waves since the release of her “Small Crimes” EP. Her soulful melodies and smokey voice glide effortlessly over the stirring rhythm of new track “The Florist”. A song that you will fall completely in love with, you’d be silly not to fall for the 21 year old too.

ALMA – “Chasing Highs”

Finnish pop sensation, ALMA, has just released her newest track “Chasing Highs” and we’re obsessed. An absolute smash, the track is an explosion of neon pop with a beat that you have to move to. As the 21 year old shows off her powerhouse vocals, prepare to hear this song on every dance floor soon (or at ALMA’s headline show at Oslo on 16th May!).

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