Stay ahead of time with Fitbit’s futuristic Sleep Stages feature.

Whether you’re sassing around the office on a Monday morning, letting your locks down at your local while throwing some serious shapes to RiRi, or dropping into bed ready for a serious session of beauty sleep, Fitbit’s new Alta HR is tracking your every move – including your sleeping habits.

The new Sleep Stages feature, powered by PowerPulse, is the device’s most advanced technology, allowing wearers to monitor their sleeping pattern and adapt their lifestyle choices to ensure that they’re feeling (and looking) as cute as can be. Detailing whether you’re in deep, light and REM sleep, the watch utilises your pulse to work out what kind of shut-eye you’re getting.

James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit notes of the latest features: “Alta HR and these powerful new sleep features demonstrate our continued focus on evolving our innovative technology to deliver deeper, more actionable insights to help our users improve their health.”