Premiere: SANDS – "Let It Roll"

The rising songwriter releases his newest track.

Andrew Sands first discovered the joy of making music at the age of 13, becoming obsessed with collecting records and learning how to play instruments. Unlike our personal experience where we took saxophone lessons in Year 10 and gave up after a month, Sands has honed his skill over the years, playing guitar and drums in bands and later becoming interested in the engineering side of recording. And this passion and technique is evident in his music.

His newest offering, “Let It Roll”, is a gleaming indie-pop track, with catchy guitar hooks and magnetic melodies. A perfect mix of shimmering pop vibes and fuzzy rock elements, the track is an uplifting and warming track from the multi-talented instrumentalist. And as the multi-layered harmonies meet captivating riffs, the fact Sands has been working on music since he was 13 is no surprise.

With his debut EP on the horizon, the 14th April to be exact, the rising songwriter is set to make his teenage-self proud with what will undoubtedly be a stellar debut.

Pre-order the new EP here.

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