Premiere: Imaginary People – "The Pelican Theme"

The newest track from the post-punk New Yorkers.

With new album, October Alice, described as “all the fine notes of revenge”, it’s no surprise that Imaginary People’s newest single would be the perfect mystic and mesmerising track to blast out while lamenting an event and crafting the perfect plot.

Featuring a simmering intensity, the five-piece band have adopted a darker sound on their sophomore album, and their newest offering, “The Pelican Theme”, is a delicious example of this. As their guitars are plucked with an effortlessly eerie energy, lead singer Dylan Von Wagner’s unique and haunting vocals glide over the track with a chillingly beautiful vibrato. The track shows the band exhibiting a more personal side to their songwriting, with the album itself dealing with anguish and pain, and its raw emotion will instantly give you goosebumps.

The whole experience is a thrilling and exciting teaser of what the album will hold. Set for release on 28th April, who knew melancholy could sound so magnificent?

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