Here are the tracks to soundtrack your weekend.

Matt Maltese – “As The World Caves In”

Describing the track as a tragicomic love story in which Theresa May and Donald Trump croon over one another while leaning dangerously close towards the glaring red button reading “Nuclear Missiles”, Matt Maltese’s newest offering “As the World Caves In” is 200% more enjoyable than that thought. Cinematic and stunning, the 20 year old has a tone which is sophisticated beyond his years and utterly spell bounding. Set to head off on tour later this month, you’d be foolish to miss out.

Lucy Rose – “Floral Dresses” feat. The Staves

Lucy Rose is back and life is good. Following on from her incredible 2015 album Work It Out, her newest offering is the eerily beautiful “Floral Dresses” backed by none other than The Staves. But don’t be too annoyed at her for leaving us for so long, because Lucy has been fulfilling the dreams of her South American fans, travelling the country to meet and play for them, all of which can be seen in her upcoming documentary (check the trailer out here).

Girlpool – “123”

Gearing up to release their sophomore album in May, Girlpool have given us a taste of what’s to come with album opener “123”. The track is full to the brim of hypnotising harmonies and ambient vibes. Intimate and emotional, “123” will pull you in with it’s magnetic charm and never let you go.

TUSKS – “Toronto”

Giving us the first taste of the exciting things she has in store for 2017, Emily Underhill, aka TUSKS, has released the deliciously dreamy track “Toronto”. Wonderfully cinematic, the track shows off her sleek songwriting skills, and we can’t get enough.

Careless – “Esquiver”

After leaving us for an entire year, Careless has made his triumphant return. Releasing two new tracks, “Brown Saturday” and “Esquiver”, we are definitely being shown what we’ve been missing. Our personal favourite “Esquiver” is a brilliant R&B track, and, although his name may beg to differ, shows the impressiveness of Careless’ refined skill and creativity.

Emmi – “Talk To Me”

Self-described as “storytelling pop”, the new track from Aussie-Brit Emmi shows off her distinctive voice and strong songwriting ability. This talented musician is the latest to put her stake in the ground, having already drawn comparisons to the likes of Sia and Kate Bush.

Sarah Close – “Call Me Out”

After building a loyal audience from posting cover songs on YouTube, British singer-songwriter Sarah Close has arrived with her first single – “Call Me Out”. The dreamy new track will not disappoint her online army. Like, favourite, retweet, share.

Duckwrth – “I’M DEAD”

With America pumping out wannabe rappers by the dozen, it can be hard to find one that sticks. But Duckwrth’s fun and contagious track “I’M DEAD” does just that. Fun filled and effortlessly cool, try not to dance along to this song. And with a dress sense as confident as his lyricism, his 2016 album “I’M UUGLY” has already been making waves.

HAUS – “Levels”

“‘Levels’ is about recognising the different stages you take on a journey. Either the right or wrong, or good or bad decisions you make,” says HAUS of their new track, which can can only be taking the Tottenham lads in the right direction. Mixing pop, alternative rock and everyone’s favourite ‘live fast, die young’ motto; HAUS gives us their latest single from the forthcoming “Say What You Say” EP.

Charlotte OC – “Shell”

Megababe Charlotte OC has released her newest song off of her forthcoming album. “Shell” is a hypnotic pop track showing off Charlotte’s magnetic vocals and penchant for a catchy beat. With her album Careless People set for release at the end of the month, get ready to fall in love with her powerful voice and brilliant songwriting.

JAKL – “Shadows”

Get ready to get goosebumps from this incredible song. “Shadows” is a moving and beautiful track showcasing JAKL’s amazing voice and emotive lyrics. Warm and intimate, it’s hard not to be moved by the raw and honest quality in JAKL’s voice. Expect big things.

James Gillespie – “What You Do”

Thank folk for James Gillespie. His track “What You Do” is an amazing folk tune with a drop that will make you want to listen to it again and again. His voice is also impeccable, with a certain gritty feel that gives the song a uniquely epic quality. Having just reached one million plays on Spotify, James is about to hit the big time.

Dead Sea – “8.50”

French four-piece, Dead Sea, have already been making huge waves with their debut single “8.50”. A fabulous blend of shoe-gaze, synthetic drums and soaring synths, the ethereal vocals make this track extra captivating, so go ahead and dive into Dead Sea’s world.

Oddnesse – “Scream”

Prepare to fall in love with Oddnesse’s dream-pop track “Scream”. Combining a danceable drum beat with her shoe-gaze soaked vocals, the track is an electrifyingly magnificent song. Get ready for much more from this hazy, groove-heavy rising star.

Nelson Can – “Miracle”

Inspired by bands such as The White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nelson Can are the Danish, all-girl, drum and bass heavy band you’ve always wanted. Their newest track “Miracle” is an edgy disco dance-fest, with roaring vocals and an effortlessly cool vibe.

Two Islands – “Heaven”

Premiered on Wonderland earlier this month, “Heaven” is the brilliant track from the Liverpool Collective. Perfectly mirroring it’s name, “Heaven” is a blissful pop record with stunning melodies and instantly catchy rhythms. As Two Islands say, “We want to reclaim the romance of falling in love with an artist solely through their songs, something that has been lost in the internet era. We’re not looking to hide, we just want to engage through our music.”


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