Jack Buster and Travis Moore introduce us to their new exhibition, ‘Sharp’.

Presented over three days at Dalston’s Doomed Gallery – described as a “post-apocalyptic art bunker” – Sharp is a collaboration between L.A Sharpie artist Travis Moore, and the London-based photographer, Jack Buster.

Uniting Jack’s photography expertise and Travis’ Sharpie skills, this latest presentation will explore London through picture and pen, elsewhere providing drawing and portraiture sessions, as well as live music in collaboration with The Island.

Ahead of their three day stint, we sat down with the artists to find out more about the exhibition.

Jack Buster

Jack Buster

Tell us about how you first got involved with art?

TRAVIS: I was always creating as a kid, had a 3 panel comic strip in the local paper when I was 5, made my own magazine that I sold to classmates in the 3rd grade…must make art!

JACK: With both parents artists, one a painter and one a sculptor, it was all around me as a kid.

What is your earliest art-related memory?

TRAVIS: I guess drawing on the floor with my mother…

JACK: Going to galleries as a young child with my mother, and drinking cartons of milk in the cafe.

Tell us about your new exhibition ‘Sharp’?

TRAVIS: I feel like it’s my take on your city, using Sharpie to convey my journey and experiences here in London.

JACK: A documentation of new surroundings. This is a more recent selection of a series that commenced with my move from Adelaide to London seven years ago.

How did the two of you come together to work on this project?

TRAVIS: Put together by Kellie Simpson, an old friend, she felt like Jack and I would click and when we did, we began talking about collaborating. But we almost met before she put us together at the birthday party…I was scouting Shoreditch for places near or on Brick Lane to do street art, and I walked by his flat, and his door used to be Stik painting and it was graffiti’d over and I just wanted to knock on the door, it was listed as something art related to see in Shoreditch, and I was thinking of knocking…almost met him two days early…instead I was doing the door and flat facade the next week.

JACK: Our girl Kell got us together initially, but just two encounters and we both felt our plans were aligned at this point in time. After the re-decoration on my flat door of Travis’ work, our heads got together for this exhibition.

“I want people to see London how I see it… and I feel like this show is my opportunity to introduce myself and my art to this amazing audience in this rad city!”

What made you choose Doomed Gallery as a show space?

TRAVIS: Once again a Kellie Simpson connection…love her so much, she invited me to an exhibition there and met Ken that nite and then later Matt and it just worked, Ken knew Lemmy, and I had done the Lemmy Kilmister Statue in LA and we hit it off…and now we will feature Motörhead Beer at the event, just was meant to be! Love their space, respect their reputation as a gallery that shows quality artists work, and have a great following of folks that appreciate good art. Excited about this event, and very pleased to be having it at their space.

JACK: Kell again, she got us together with Ken and Matt, who were all about it.

What are you hoping to achieve with ‘Sharp’?

TRAVIS: I want people to see London how I see it, through Sharpie…and I feel like this show is my opportunity to introduce myself and my art to this amazing audience in this rad city!

JACK: For me it’s a chance to show a lot of people some work that may not be expected of me.

Tell us about what you’ve got lined up over the next year.

TRAVIS: I’m currently working on getting another show together here in London before I return to LA to work on another project this summer.

JACK: Another zine is on the horizon, and a holiday in the sun!

Sharp is showing at Dalston’s Doomed Gallery from 16th-19th March.

Travis Williams

Travis Williams

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