Olverum’s Bath oil, for when restoration is needed.

Whether you have been overexerting yourself at the gym or have simply spent all weekend slut-dropping on the dance floor, we would like to let you in on our little secret – Germany’s Olverum bath oil. Around since 1931, this aromatic blend of essential oils has been the talk of the office, soothing our tired bones and helping restore us to our natural state. Reminiscent of wintery scents and warm log fires, we haven’t found anything more relaxing on these blustery days.

Only half a capful of this highly concentrated oil is needed for each bath, with a 125ml bottle for £26.00 being enough for 25 relaxing soaks. For those in need of the extra tender loving care, you can also buy a larger 250ml bottle for £48.00, which will give you enough for 50 baths of therapeutic bliss. Stocked in Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick; this oil will leave your mind feeling at ease and your skin feeling luxuriously silky.