Here are the songs that we are playing on repeat this week.

IDER – “Face On”

IDER are back, showing why their unique mix of pop and electronic music are making them one of the most exciting duos around. Made up of friends Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, IDER have released their new track “Face On”, featuring beautiful melodies over a captivating dance track. With their new EP, “Gut Me Like An Animal”, set for release at the end of the month, this year is set to be IDER’s year.

machineheart – “Stonecold”

L.A. based machineheart have been hotly tipped as one of the bands to watch in 2017. Creating stunningly infectious alternative pop hits, their track “Stonecold” is simply amazing. Highlighting lead singer Stevie Scott’s incredible vocals, the song explores the emotion felt whilst being in love and waiting for everything to fall apart.

K.Flay – “Black Wave”

Fusing hip hop, electro and rock, K.Flay’s “Black Wave”, from new album Every Where Is Some Where, is an exciting and vibrant track. Defying genre barriers, the track is bold and fearless. As K.Flay herself said, “It’s about facing something immense and menacing and choosing not to cower, but to rise up.”

Dutch Uncles – “Streetlight”

Loved for their unique art-pop records, Manchester powerhouses Dutch Uncles released their brilliant fifth studio album, Big Balloon, last week, having already shared new track “Streetlight”. Exploring how one comes to terms with their own loneliness, the track is an explosive burst of heartfelt vocals over an uplifting indie rock sound. A charming and infectiously groovy track, vocalist Duncan Wallis explains, “It’s about being skeptical, but aware and open to new chances at connecting again. It’s about realizing your own needs, possibly for the first time.”

Lion Babe – “Rockets” feat. Moe Moks

New York-based soul and R&B duo, Lion Babe, have released their hugely anticipated new single “Rockets”, which follows on from last year’s debut studio album, Begin. Featuring funky bass lines and hypnotising vocals, it’s full of mellow vibes and is an absolute banger.

San Fermin – “No Promises”

Tackling the anxiety of letting people down, San Fermin’s new track “No Promises” from upcoming album, Belong, explores bandleader Ellis Ludwig-Leone’s anxiety of disappointing the audience and his fellow bandmates. However, there is certainly no disappointment here, as the song is a beautiful track with stunning vocals and an instantly captivating beat. You definitely haven’t let us down Ellis, we promise.

HEZEN – “Oil Fire”

London-based French producer, Sarah Hezen, aka HEZEN, is amazing. Full stop. Having recently released her debut EP, “Stigma”, she has become a master in making spine-tingling electronica. Her track “Oil Fire” is a perfect example of this. It’s a raw and beautiful song with poignant vocals and effortlessly cool grooves. It is accompanied by a haunting video, created on Sarah’s iPhone.

Ménage à Trois – “Homecoming”

Ménage à Trois combine indie and R&B to create floaty pop beauty, “Homecoming”. Inspired by the ocean and the deep abyss, its sexy late night synth sound is astoundingly beautiful. As Jonathan told us in a recent interview, the track was inspired by the longing to be with a loved one after parting. Taken from their upcoming debut album, Australia Part III, if you haven’t fallen in love with this Mancunian trio yet, you definitely will.

Ivy Mode – “Body Next To You”

21-year-old Belgian singer/songwriter, Ivy Mode, is bound for great things. Following the release of “Money Can’t Buy”, she has revealed her dark and sultry sound in her new track “Body Next To You”. As her incredible vocals whisper sweet nothings, the pulse racing ballad can’t help but draw you in. Magnetic and magical, Ivy is a must listen.

Crooked Colours – “Flow”

Back after an 18 month hiatus, Aussie trio, Crooked Colours, have released the first single from their forthcoming album. “Flow” is a brilliant and infectious track, with an uplifting vibe and catchy drum beat. It’s chilled and colourful, showing us how much we’ve been missing in the last year and a half.

Sipprell – “Trust Issues”

South London artist, Sipprell, has released her stunning new single “Trust Issues”. Written and produced herself, it’s a beautifully moving track about issues with trust in a relationship. With flawless vocals highlighted over a backdrop of strings, the track is soulful, sombre and utterly incredible.