We spoke to CÎROC Vodka ambassador and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio about the CÎROC #OnArrival campaign.

She’s a regular on the runway and has appeared in a number of high profile ad campaigns, so it’s no surprise that Ciroc have hand-picked the Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio to front their exciting #OnArrival campaign.

The campaign will see the model jetting across the world to help make the magical memories that CÎROC most certainly helps to produce. CÎROC have also continued their collaboration with famed fashion photographer Mario Testino, who has shot the latest campaign images following previous Ciroc campaigns featuring British actor Sam Claflin & Derek Zoolander in the CÎROC Blue Steel Campaign.

We grabbed a moment with Alessandra to talk CÎROC, runway, and the post-show pizza party.

How would you describe the CÎROC #OnArrival campaign?

Alessandra: The On Arrival Ciroc campaign is all about celebrating those good times when you made it in life. You know when you have the feeling of ‘I made it’ and you feel good? It’s about celebrating those times.

And obviously the campaign has so many amazing locations, which are you most looking forward to and why?

Alessandra: I think my favourite ones will be some of the European destinations, especially the Mediterranean, I love to be by the beach! The islands have amazing music; they are one of my favourite places to go for vacation and for work, so anytime I have a chance I love going. The clubs are incredible, the best DJ’s in the world, you know!

Do you go there quite a lot then?

Alessandra: Not as much as I would like to but when I have a chance, I do go, so I’m looking forward to going.

Obviously you looked amazing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with CÎROC Vodka and there were some amazing performers too. We were interested to know who your favourite performer was and why?

Alessandra: Well, I really loved the song from The Weeknd, he performed ‘Star Boy’ and it was really good. I watched it online yesterday and he did a great performance, but I have to say my favourite was Lady Gaga because she was just so sweet; probably one of the best artists we ever had. She really mingled with all the Angels. We did this lip-sync backstage and she was with all of us, she gave us these beautiful flowers at the end of the show – she just really cared about the girls. I saw her saying that she used to watch the show and admired all the girls. She really belonged there.

You have worn some amazing looks as an Angel, which has been your favourite?

Alessandra: Well, I think one of my favourite looks ever was this candy outfit that was made out of real candy, I don’t remember which show it was but it was so much fun and I had these candy wings and it was a very cute outfit, really fun. At the time I had a big sweet tooth so I was eating my outfit. And this show I had these really beautiful yellow, feathery gold wings, it was really nice: I got to close the first segment, it was really beautiful with the lighting and everything.

So how was your first stop of the CÎROC #OnArrival campaign?

Alessandra: Yesterday we shot the campaign with Mario – I love working with him – and I always see the CÎROC campaigns and they always seem like everyone is having a good time and the pictures are great, and that’s what we did yesterday. It was so much fun shooting, we had a great time and I think the pictures are going to be amazing.

“The On Arrival Ciroc campaign is all about celebrating those good times when you made it in life”

Oh, I can imagine! Can’t wait to see them. So, we’re obsessed with the VS Angels plane? What’s the atmosphere like pre-show?

Alessandra: It’s kinda crazy because there are a lot of people backstage and you know, we prepare for months working out, taking care of ourselves, being healthy, and just before the show… there’re a lot of people backstage. We’re doing a lot of interviews and everyone is super excited for the show and a little bit nervous because anything could happen on the runway – who knows! It’s a great feeling.

What do you get up to post-show?

Alessandra: Well, after the show we have the CÎROC after-party and the Angels have started to… we created this pizza party, so we love to have pizza right after the show. But before that, with CÎROC being one of main sponsors, we get to have delicious cocktails and lots of fun.

So, what is your fave CÎROC drink?

Alessandra: I like doing Caipiroska with CÎROC because I’m Brazilian. It’s mixed with CÎROC Vodka and the basic one is lemon juice and sugar and ice and it’s super yummy, but you can do it with different fruits and you can do honey and like, you can elaborate and create your own Caipiroska, so I like it with berries, when you crush berries and a little bit of honey and some fresh mint and then you add CÎROC and you shake it with ice; it’s amazing, it’s one of my favourites.

I get what you mean about your sweet tooth now! Since we couldn’t get a ticket on the world trip, we’re relying on you for a backstage look at CÎROC, what are you excited to share?

Alessandra: In general being a global ambassador for CÎROC Vodka, we are going to be going through so many different places. The first stop was here in London and after we are going to some European hotspots,and I’m looking forward to having a great time and celebrating the great moments with Ciroc.

Finally, what is your CÎROC #OnArrival moments?

Alessandra: For me, I have to say it was when I became an Angel with Victoria’s Secret, that was my #OnArrival moment.

Ryan Cahill

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