New Noise: The Vryll Society

We chat with Liverpool’s The Vryll Society as they release their new single “Sacred Flight”.

Managed by the late great Alan Wills, The Vryll Society were always destined for great things. Their new single “Sacred Flight” is further proof of this. Released via Deltasonic Records, the band are kicking off 2017 in the best way possible, having had a brilliant 2016. They’ve been heavily tipped by BBC Introducing and have toured with Blossoms, Hidden Charms, and the very much missed Viola Beach. With a debut album on the horizon, we sat down to chat with Michael and Ryan Ellis about band life.

How did you guys all meet?

Michael: We were all working on different projects and came together through an understanding that we just wanted to create great music, that was the ethos from day one. We spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room with our late manager Alan Wills, he taught us that to conquer the world you only need your instruments, ideas and your practice space.

What bands/artists influence you as a band?

Ryan: We love plenty of bands and artists, there’s the like of CAN, AIR, Aphrodite’s Child, NEU, DJ Shadow, MF Doom, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Black Sabbath, the list could go on. At the moment though I personally have been rinsing Nashville Skyline by Bob Dylan, ‘Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You’ is probably my favourite song at the minute.

How would you describe your sound?

R: Space Rock Kraut Sorcery.

Tell us about your new single “Sacred Flight”.

M: At first it was this big sprawling jam that was really exciting but it needed some chopping and changing to become an actual song, so we just condensed it and shortened it and put lyrics and a melody around it.

R: For me I quite feel like I’m at the end of 2001’s A Space Odyssey, you know that scene just before the end when Dave absolutely flying through space and there are these beautiful walls of colour? That’s what comes to mind for me.

“We were all working on different projects and came together through an understanding that we just wanted to create great music.”

What was the inspiration for the song?

M: Lyrically it’s about the Vril medium Maria Orsic who vanished after World War Two, its pretty far out stuff you should check it out!

R: The song came about because we wanted a song even more upbeat than our last one “A Perfect Rhythm” so I started playing the chords which I had in mind from a previous idea and the rest seemed to follow, Lew had an idea for a chorus so we stuck it on what I was playing.

You did quite the festival circuit last year. What was it like performing on stages at Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds?

R: That’s what we do it for really, they’re the gigs you want to be playing. It was a really positive thing because a lot of the crowds were neutral so it was all about turning them on, can you hold their attention, can you switch them on? I think we took advantage and we’re looking forward to playing more this summer.

M: Absolutely incredible. I’ve always wanted to do Glasto, it’s been a big to do on my list ever since I started playing in a band. The festivals are great, you know exactly what you’re getting; there’s fantastic vibes, great music, plenty of times to party and if the weather is hot and sunny then that’s the perfect bonus.

You’re off to America in March to play at SXSW. How are you feeling about “cracking” America?

R: I can’t wait, I’ve never been to the States so I’m buzzing! I’m sure we’ll be loved just as much as we have been loved everywhere else so I’m really feeling it. Plenty of hot sauce for me also please.

Your debut album is coming out this year. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

R: The album is going to be fantastic, we’ve been waiting to do this for a while, we’re very confident about it and can’t wait to get working on it. There will be some songs which you will have heard before such as the singles but there is going to be so much music that you haven’t heard, it’s game on!

Apart from the album and touring, what are your big plans for 2017?

M: Keep writing, switching people on and keeping it cool.

R: Dish out some more scorching hot records and keep up the vibes!

Elly Watson
New Noise: The Vryll Society

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