Interview: Digby Jackson

Available at the Wonderland pop-up shop, we spoke to East London’s freshest streetwear brand, Digby Jackson.

East London is synonymous with daring and experimental styles donned by the coolest kids inhabiting our capital city, and when it comes to East London brand Digby Jackson, there’s no denying that they’re ticking all the right boxes.

Attracting attention from the likes of Wonderland cover star Sofia Richie, classic pieces are given a modern spin: think retro mixed with revision, in unique, vibrant prints that ooze effortless cool vibes. Oh, and they get their inspiration from monsters, unicorns and ice cream – quirky!

We managed to grab a moment with founder Jay.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

The newest collection will be unveiled soon so I have to be a bit careful with how much I give away but I can say it is mainly influenced by horror movies of the 80s. Think Friday The 13th meets Tales From The Crypt Keeper with a bit of The Goonies thrown in for good measure then work that into our signature print heavy streetwear and add elements of motocross kit.

Do you have a stand-out favourite piece from the collection?

Thats like asking me to pick out a favourite child, but yeah obviously I totally do. Our printed tracksuits are always a must have, but as far as the new pieces go in this collection I would have to say the giant denim jacket/jeans. Actually there’s a really cool dress coming out too. OK, maybe it isn’ that easy to pick one!

If you could pick any celebrity to act as an ambassador for the band, who would it be and why?

We have been really fortunate with the reaction from celebrities and stylists in LA so we have managed to work a few huge names already, However, that said, there are so many people I’d love for us to work with with.

I would really love to work Jaden and Willow smith. They both have a great sense of style and individuality and know how to look good but still have fun with what they wear. They embody the perfect attitude of the brand.

But on a personal level, working with Gwen Stefani or Pharrell WIlliams has always been a goal of mine since I was a kid. We actually had pieces pulled for one of Gwen’s videos last year, which was a huge deal for me.

Your pieces are gender fluid. Is that an important aspect when designing your collections?

That is something we had always set out to do (especially with our tracksuits) since the beginning. In the early days so many people in the industry were insistent that it wouldn’t work and we couldn’t set up as a unisex brand. Obviously fast forward to now and gender has become an important conversation, one which the industry is becoming aware of with more brands getting rid of the line between men’s and women’s pieces.

Strong female figures have always been an important source of inspiration for me especially the mix of tough and feminine, and seeing as I grew up in the 90s, baggy boyfriend styling alongside bodycon pieces has always been intrinsic to the brand, i kind of see it as power dressing for the street.

What’s next for Digby Jackson?

There’s loads more fun stuff coming up in terms of editorials and videos etc but we’re just about to shoot the new lookbook which is always an event in itself. Hopefully we will get a chance to showcase soon and I’d love for us to score a big collaboration.

But until then there’ll be another collection calling…

Interview / Digby Jackson

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