Here’s your weekly run-down of the new music we’re playing on repeat.

Mr. Tophat feat. Robyn – “Right Time”

Sweden’s Mr Tophat and pop-wonder Robyn recently joined forces for new EP Trust Me, a three-track expansive dance floor exploration. Lifted from the EP, “Right Time” is a powerful nine-minute slice of groove heavy disco. Trust Me is released via Smalltown Supersound.

Zuzu – “What You Want”

Liverpool’s Zuzu channels I ❤️ Huckabees (minus the David O. Russell/Lily Tomlin screaming match) in the video for new single “What You Want”. With a joy-inducing chorus, “What You Want” delivers blissed-out vibes with a raw charm that it’s impossible to manufacture. “What You Want” is released by Hand In Hive.

Odeko – “Construct Conduct”

Odeko, the Bath-based producer, returns to the Mr. Mitch-run imprint Gobstopper with a new two-track single. Your first-taste arrives in the form of “Construct Conduct”, a disorientating work with rich modulating synths that serves to showcase one of the UK’s most prodigious producers. Digital Botanics / Construct Conduct is released on 27 January.

The Black Madonna – “He Is The Voice I Hear”

“He Is The Voice I Hear” is The Black Madonna’s first new release since 2013’s “Lady of Sorrows” EP and is well worth the wait. It’s a storming 10-minutes that veers in every possible direction, free-spirited and free-form, it’s a track that’s as euphoric as they come. The track was released on vinyl-only last year but is now available to stream. “He Is The Voice I Hear” is released on The Black Madonna’s We Still Believe label.

Prayer – “Without You”

A producer with boundless vision, Prayer has set his sights on breaking the conventions of electronica and classical music. “Without You” is the first track to be released from his new Lost project and pairs rich classical instrumentation with a trance undercurrent. Prayer had this say: “Lost was a project created out of my desire to present classical / electronic music that is unpolished around the edges. Each track touches on emotional extremes, all of them based on an idea that is then distorted / concealed in a way that brings a rough touch to all the pieces.” Lost is released digitally on 20 January.

Tiggi Hawke – “Neon Dancer”

Following on from her “Burn Notice” EP, Tiggi Hawke returns with sparkling new track “Neon Dancer”. Coupling elegant songwriting with future-facing pop production, “Neon Dancer” marks Tiggi out as compelling talent to keep your eye on.

Half Waif – “Severed Logic”

“Severed Logic” is the mesmeric lead single from Half Waif’s forthcoming “form/a” EP. There’s a stark, otherworldly quality to the record with vocalist and producer Nandi Rose Plunkett’s vocals drifting in and out of the record. The EP is an exploration of the concept of home, of which Nandi says: “There’s an inherent restlessness in the way that I write and think about sound. I’m the daughter of a refugee, and somewhere in me is this innate story of searching for a home.” form/a will be released on 24 February.

White Kite – “Swans”

“Swans” is the debut single from London-based group White Kite. The track marries a delicate vocal and an innate gift for crafting pop hooks that set this group apart from most indie/electronica crossover artists. Louis Shadwick, who wrote and produced the track in the flat and home studio he shares with bandmates Tom and Will Dunning, said the track was “about trying to choose between two different kinds of love… how the grass always seems greener when desire takes over, and how you try to justify that weakness to yourself”.


THEY. continue their dizzying rise with new single “U-RITE”, a typically uncompromising record from the Denver and D.C.-born duo. THEY. blend elements of rock and grunge with hip-hop and R&B to create their bombastic and refreshingly unique sound. Bandmember Dante Jones said: “We both miss those classic Miami Bass bangers from the 90s. Those were songs that brought our people together and, to this day, make people get out of their seats the moment they come on.” Mission accomplished.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “HARAJUKU IYAHOI”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has reunited with director Hideyuki Tanaka (Sai & Co) for the inexplicably beautiful visuals for new single “HARAJUKU IYAHOI”. 2017 is set to be an even bigger year for Kyary who will soon be releasing “Crazy Crazy”, a collaboration with Yasutaka Nakata and Charli XCX.

After Romeo – “Good Things”

Since 1D took their hiatus last year, the world has been looking for a band to take their crown and After Romeo are definite frontrunners. The guys formed in Los Angeles and are well established across the pond, with their mature take on contemporary pop. Lead track “Good Things” has been the global soundtrack to the recent Samsung Galaxy ad, so you’ve most probably heard these guys already.

Bright Light Bright Light – “Running Back To You”

Another cut from Rod Thomas’s last album Choreography, which also features vocals from Elton John. This album highlight is brought to life with an arresting visual, directed by Rod & Santiago Felipe (Björk’s live photographer) and choreographed by award-winning Steven Hoggett (Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, Once).


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