7 Wonders: American Honey

Here are our 7 favourite things about “American Honey”.

“American Honey” was one of our favourite films of 2016. It had it all: beautiful cinematography, an amazing cast and a moving story. With the release of “American Honey” on DVD, we look at 7 of our favourite things about the phenomenal film.

Sasha Lane

“American Honey’”s lead Sasha Lane is a spellbinding talent who draws you into her world. You laugh when she laughs, you feel pain when she’s hurt. Her honest and vulnerable portrayal of Star is what makes the film so raw and elegant.

The Crew

The gang that Star becomes part of is a tight-knit squad, so well portrayed that you honestly believe they would do anything for each other. There’s the joker, the oddball and the Star Wars fanatic, each with their own roles that are so integral to the film’s plot that we can’t imagine “American Honey” without any of them.


Part of the reason why “American Honey” has captured the hearts of so many is the beauty in which the story is told. Warm tones, natural lighting and carefully considered shots all bring you into Star’s reality, and make you feel like you are in the van with the crew, travelling the open American road under a big blue sky.

The Reality of Middle America

Showing the hard reality of hustling your way around America, “American Honey” demonstrates just how tough you have to be to work that life on the road. While Krystal’s business-running techniques may seem harsh, life on the road is harsher.

Riley Keogh and Shia LeBeouf

Just as important as Star, Shia LaBeouf’s Jake (Star’s love interest) and Riley Keogh’s Krystal (the boss) are integral to the way Star’s fate falls in line. Capturing just what it means to be an American Honey, Krystal and Jake are shown to change Star’s life forever, showing her what both romantic love and tough love really mean.

Road Trips

While sitting in the back of a van for days on end may not seem like the best idea ever, the “American Honey” crew prove that road trips are some of the most fun you can ever have. Getting up to all kinds of mischief while seeing a country as huge and varied as America is proven to be a way to experience magic.

Raw Emotional Honesty

With a story has heart-rending as “American Honey”‘s, it’s not surprising that the raw emotional honesty of the film tugs at your heart-strings. A complete rollercoaster of emotions, from stratospheric highs to rock bottom lows, “American Honey” leaves you reeling and gasping for more.