7 Wonders: Fashion Film

Here are our top 7 fashion films of all time, in collaboration with Camberwell Studios.

Fashion and film are the ultimate artistic duo, with films from all eras exploring the fashion industry. To celebrate fashion in film, we teamed up with Camberwell Studios to find our top 7 fashion films of all time.


Starring Verushka, David Hemmings, Jane Birkin and Vanessa Redgrave, Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 phenomenon “Blowup” was one of the first fashion films to hit the mainstream cinemas. Telling the story of a famed fashion photographer (who is based on David Bailey) who believes he unwittingly captured a murder on film, “Blowup” pushed boundaries further than ever before (the film’s explicit content but outstanding critical and box office success led to an entirely new film ratings system being established). “Blowup” is the original fashion film.

Funny Face

Featuring Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn and Kay Thompson, “Funny Face” is one of the world’s all time favourite fashion films. A proper old-school rom-com, the 1957 film explores the world of fashion through the eyes of a bookshop clerk and amateur philosopher, discovered by a fashion magazine publisher and editor and fashion photographer. With many costumes designed by Edith Head, “Funny Face” is one of fashion’s most loved films for a reason.

Eyes Of Laura Mars

“Eyes of Laura Mars” shows the darker side to fashion. Focusing on a glamorous fashion photographer who specialises in stylised violence (based on Helmut Newton, who provided the photos used for the film), the film sees Laura Mars work her way through a controversy about whether her images glamorise violence, and then see for herself (through the eyes of the killer) real-time visions of the murder of her friends. Full of red herrings and finished with a twist ending you’ll never guess, “Eyes of Laura Mars” is a thriller, both in plot and costuming.

Dior and I

Following the process of ex-Creative Director for Dior, Raf Simons, “Dior and I” is one of the most insightful fashion documentaries of our time. Taking you inside the storied world of the world-famous Dior fashion house, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process Dior goes through to create their couture collections. If you’ve ever wanted to see how a fashion house works, this is it.

Cover Girl

One of the most popular musicals of the War Years, “Cover Girl” (starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly) tells the story of a chorus girl whose grabs a chance at stardom when she’s given the opportunity to be a cover girl. With lavish, 1890s costuming and eight full-on dance routines, “Cover Girl”, which won an Oscar in 1944, is one of the greatest musical (and fashion) movies of all time.

Bill Cunningham New York

Admired by the people of New York for his uncanny ability to capture the bright and the beautiful of NYC’s street style, the late Bill Cunningham was the original street style photographer. Captured on film, “Bill Cunningham New York” shows Cunningham travelling through Manhattan on his bicycle, his apartment (which didn’t have a kitchen, and is instead piled high with boxes of photographs) and explores his philosophy surrounding fashion, art and photography. Thanks, Bill, for everything.

Yves Saint Laurent

Based on the undisputed King Of Fashion, the 2014 biopic “Yves Saint Laurent” looks at the life of the master from the beginning of his career in 1958, when he met love and business partner Pierre Berge. With exceptionally beautiful cinematography and costumes that wowed us, the film was worthy of its seven nominations at the 40th César Awards. It couldn’t have been more beautiful if Saint Laurent himself designed it.

7 Wonders: Fashion Film

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