Molly Goddard's "What I Like"

Sew like Molly Goddard at her interactive installation, “What I Like”.

Molly Goddard, recent winner of Emerging Designer at the Fashion Awards, and creator of the bright sheer dresses that have been seen on everyone from Adwoa Aboah to Riri, has opened an installation at Now Gallery at Greenwich Peninsula. If you like getting your hands dirty, head down to the space, where interactive takes on a whole new meaning.

The installation, titled “What I Like”, is far from the suffocating exhibitions you’ve been to before, where a whisper elicits several hateful stares from strangers. Not only are you encouraged the touch the vibrant dresses that hang from the ceiling, but the interactivity lies in actually altering the dresses that sweep to the floor. The aim is to sit by the dresses, and use cotton and a needle to create whatever image you want, with posters with instructions on the walls, explaining how to do the more complex needlework. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew, or aren’t sure what the embroider on to the pieces, you can add as much as a single threaded line, or spend a couple of hours stitching a masterpiece.

By encouraging and sharing skills, Goddard hopes to inspire people to take part in handicraft. Creatively, it’s an organised free for all, as she says “people may sew over or work with others’ embroideries to create intricate bold and incredibly varied embroidered dresses, so they become like a living thing changing daily.”

Forget just wearing the bold, fun dresses, now you can help to create one. Grab a bunch of friends and get your artistic groove on.

‘What I Like’ runs at Now Gallery at Greenwich Peninsula until 19th February 2017.