6LACK is the fresh Atlanta rapper whose thumping track “PRBLMS” has over 30 million streams already.

Atlanta is the centre of the alt-RnB universe, and forms the core of the supernova producing waves upon waves of eccentric, thrilling, politically-charged rappers. Leading the charge is singer-songwriter 6LACK. From shady dealings to difficult ex’s, 6LACK’s storytelling talents and the natural flow that transpires through his tracks set him apart from the rest. A sonic risk taker, 6LACK (who is part of the cooler-than-cool Raury’s Love Renaissance collective) nails the many facets of poetry and wraps them around a bass-heavy melody that transports you straight into 6LACK’s awesome world.

His newest project, “FREE 6LACK” is our first full-length glimpse into that world. Featuring the track that took the RnB world by storm “PRBLMS” (and by storm we mean it was practically a hurricane – it has over 30 million streams and has been co-signed by Diddy, Snopp Dogg, Cassie and Wiz Khalifa) as well as new material, including “Worst Luck” and “Gettin’ Old”, 6LACK’s 11-track debut is an exploration of liberation and a new found freedom of being able to create freely, without limitations, doubts or excuses. Hedonistic, wonderfully confident and completely hypnotic, 6LACK’s alt-RnB sound is full of nebulous melodies and intricately spun stories, told through both heart-touching lyrics and addicting melodies. Here’s to being free, 6LACK.


Can you sum up your sound in five words?

Whatever I’m feeling that day.

Where did the name 6LACK come from? 

6 being my favourite number, my life path number, and I’m from Zone 6. Black just being the colour I feel represents me most. A name given to me in my old neighbourhood, I came up with the spelling & stuck with it

What drew you to creating music?

I always had words or sounds floating around in my head, and I think just being a huge fan of music just made me want to give people the same feeling I got listening to my favourites.

How did you find your musical style – have you always been drawn to alt-R&B? 

It was a long process. I feel like I’ve been through so many different sounds, but I had to get all of those different ideas and styles out to get to where I am now. I started off battle rapping, so that kinda shows that at one point I was the complete opposite of “alt-R&B.” Still, I was always a fan of R&B/Soul and always wanted to sing.

Tell us about your FREE 6LACK project? 

It’s a project that serves as a summary of the last few years of my life, and is my testament to being free from a lot of different things. A bad record deal, some not so healthy relationships, and from my old self. When I made it I wanted to make sure people listened, connected, and learned.

How did you get involved in Raury’s LoveRenaissance collective? 

I met with them as I was exiting my old deal. after that there was just a mutual understanding & mutual respect. They trusted I could get the music done & I trusted they could get everything else done. I spent a year in my manager’s kitchen recording myself everyday.

“I had black & white pics on my MySpace page before I even knew what the word aesthetic meant, so now it’s just a little more polished.”

“PRBLMS” has been streamed over 28 million times – how do you think the internet and streaming services are affecting the music industry and changing things for young artists? 

I think streaming allows us to reach people in ways we couldn’t have done years ago. there’s still tons of ways it can and will improve, but as of now I’m excited to be apart of this period. It’s dope to see how fast music travels now.

How important are aesthetics to the persona of 6LACK? 

I mean what people view as my aesthetics is honestly just me. I had black & white pics on my MySpace page before I even knew what the word aesthetic meant, so now it’s just a little more polished.

What’s the toughest challenge you’ve had to face in your career so far? 

Learning how to move in rooms where the energy doesn’t match yours at all, and having to work in those conditions. I’m super sensitive to the stuff around me so I can feel when I’m not supposed to be in a room or in a situation. that happened a lot with my last deal, but on the brighter side it taught me how to deal with things that may pop up later. I’m more prepared now.

What’s the Atlanta music scene like and how does it influence you? 

The Atlanta music scene is and always will be influential because it’s a city that isn’t afraid to take risks sonically. It might not always be your favourite if you’re an out of towner, but it’s always honest, and you know when something is coming out of Atlanta. we have an identity and a presence that is relevant, and forever changing.

What’s next?

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say it, but I’m ready to work on the next project. in the meantime I’m going wherever the people call me.


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