FENDI Hypnoshine

FENDI’s have introduced their new Hypnoshine sunglasses in a swirling, wacky and surreal video.

Fluctuating optical illusions and whirling waves of colour spiral through FENDI’s video for their brand new Hypnoshine sunglasses. Infused with the idea of gravitational waves in space, which also inspired FENDI’s AW16 women’s collection, the Hypnoshine video is a vivid vision of hypnotic eyes, mirrors reflecting shapes and drifting liquids.

The innovative Hypnoshine design features fluid, graphic lines, full of both sophistication and a hint of whimsicality. Moving in a symbiotic rhythm with each other, the shapes and swirls move around the sunglasses, highlighting the dynamic, sleek and contemporary design. Moving in a kaleidoscope of colours and whirling patterns, FENDI’s Hypnoshine sunglasses are the ultra-modern yet super-quirky glasses you’ve been waiting for.