7 Wonders: Cinema's Best Dressed Girl Gangs

Wonderland takes a look at cinema’s most empowering and best dressed girl gangs at a time when it feels like we need them more than ever.

After the dark events of Tuesday’s election, it feels like we’re in desperate need of some female empowerment more than ever. Fortunately we’ve got a slew of badass gal crews from the screen to pump us up in our time of need. We can learn a lot from the way they express their no fff’s given attitudes (we’re talking killer wardrobes, quite literally). These ladies remind us all that we have to fight, fight, fight for ourselves and support each other no matter what! So take it away, HRC: ‘Never doubt that you are valuable, powerful, and deserving of every opportunity in the world and every chance to pursue your own dreams’. We really couldn’t agree more.

Lick the Star

Queen Sofia Coppola’s first film! This clique, led by their imaginative leader Chloe, planned to weaken the boys at their school by putting rat poison in their lunches (they got a little too carried away reading Flowers in the Attic in English.) The girls rocked red pouts and crisp Oxford shirts, Lolita-esque sunnies, tight army T’s, and strappy mini dresses with plaid jumpers tied around the waist. Plus, the end all be all of 90’s style, the kimono. Pure gold.

Spring Breakers

While the storyline of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers may have polarised it’s audience, the stimulating, powerful visuals of the film, and their girl’s awesome costuming, did not disappoint. From those skin-tight tiger swimsuits and neon pink beanies-come-balaclavas to multi-coloured hot pants and fishnet tops, the Spring Breakers girls are weapons of mass destruction.


The original mean girls, The Heathers, were the best dressed girl gang of 1989. From Winona Ryder in her solid black and greys, to the Heathers in their assigned red, yellow and green skirt suits, the film’s is key to knowing who’s in charge of the Heathers, and who’s in their bad books. We wish that all-important red scrunchie was ours.


This coming of age story set against Paris’s banlieue follows a troop of leather jacket clad tough girls. With their pin straight hair and large gold jewellery, sometimes it feels like they merge into a single entity. They did RiRi so proud here, swaying back and forth to Shine Bright Like a Diamond. Shine on, ladies.

The Craft

For all your goth girl inspirations, it’s got to be The Craft. A mix wafting layers and tight t-shirts, studded chokers, and copious amounts of black eyeliner are the uniform of choice for the self-proclaimed weirdo outcasts. It’s not only Sarah’s telekinetic gift’s that are a little bit witchy.

Fox Fire

Oh, Angie, just look at you. This group of high-school girls were pretty PO’ed and grungy, dressed in crop tanks, sheep skin bombers, leather with metallic accents, endless shades of flannel and lots and lots of denim. Don’t mess with them.

Charlie’s Angels

Good morning, Angels! These ladies might just be THE ultimate girl crew. They effortlessly flipped, karate chopped, and jumped out of planes while dressed to the nine’s in their 70’s looks. Fuzzy sweaters, wide collars, checkered shirts, skinny ribbed vests, and of course, high waisted flare trousers of every colour under the sun made up their wardrobes. Can we just say iconic?

Elly Arden-Joly
7 Wonders: Cinema's Best Dressed Girl Gangs

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