New Noise: Ellie Rose

Born and bred Londoner Ellie Rose is the capital’s newest pop/electronic hybrid princess.

Not many young music stars can say they’ve been hand-picked to perform on Glastonbury’s Introducing stage, but singer/songwriter/hustler Ellie Rose isn’t the sort of girl to be satisfied with the mediocre. Kicking off her career with a year spent relentlessly touring, performing acoustic sets up and down the country, Rose earned her stripes through the power of hard graft and constant practice, honing her powerful voice into something that can command a whole festival tent like a breeze.

Her newest track, “Welcome To The Kingdom”, inspires you never to miss an opportunity or turn away that leap of faith. Writing about the bright lights of London and all the hope and chances they offer, Rose wants to make sure that you never miss the chances in front of you. Sultry and shadowing, with Rose’s haughty yet powerhouse vocals hitting all kind of emotional spots, “Welcome To The Kingdom” has pop-leanings with electronic undertones and a thumping bass, showing that Rose’s relentless hustling and persistence has made magic.

Sum up your sound in five words? 

Kooky, thoughtful, individual, accessible, 1984.

What’s your first musical memory?

If you want the actual truth: The furthest back I can remember was listening to “You’re Gorgeous” by Babybird and singing it loudly in my baby stroller rolling around the kitchen. I’m pretty sure there is video evidence to support this. That’s the honest answer.

You travelled around all of last year playing acoustically – do you think that constant gigging is the key to success? What was the best thing about that experience? 

I believe in earning your stripes and it’s really helped my craft playing to empty rooms and learning how to still give a good show whilst appreciating being there. I don’t think there is any “key” to success but I personally believe that hard graft is essential in any line of work.

What was it like performing at Glastonbury’s Introducing stage? 

It was a dream. I was terrified to step onto the stage as a solo performer with no band behind me, but it was incredible and the tent was packed with genuine music fans. I had a great time and was chuffed that people stuck around to listen to me.

Can you tell us about your new track “Welcome To The Kingdom”? 

“Welcome To The Kingdom” is a warning. It’s about not wasting an opportunity. When I think of “The Kingdom” I think of London and how diverse it is. I worry a lot, so I wrote the song as a threat to myself or anyone else entering “The Kingdom” not to blow the chances we are given.

“The furthest back I can remember was listening to “You’re Gorgeous” by Babybird and singing it loudly in my baby stroller rolling around the kitchen.”

What’s your writing process like? 

This is a tricky question for me as the answer varies from song to song but I usually have a concept that sparks something. I go into a trance of sorts and start writing the song on my guitar, then it takes me a few weeks to finish each song. I never force it out. I am a perfectionist with my lyrics.

You’re a proper Londoner – how does the music scene here effect you? 

London is amazing, it has such a vast number of gigs and events every night, although that can be a hindrance. I think people in large cities take things like a free gig for granted – it’s easy to get lost in it. Having said that, the freedom of living in London has been priceless and I’ve built a network of brilliant musicians, friends and promoters that I am eternally grateful for.

Do you think the music industry is supportive of up-and-coming artists? 

It can be although I think it’s easy to get lost now that the industry is so huge. With advances like online streaming, smaller artists can struggle to make money out of music, and that’s the biggest downfall of the business for up and comers.

How does performing at a festival compare to normal gigs?

Festivals are cool because everyone is having fun. It’s a different experience to a gig where people specifically come to see you, because you’re not the event, you’re part of it. I think I prefer that though; I like how I can be watching Adam Ant play a wicked set one minute then go to another stage and perform to the same crowd of people the next!

What have you got in the pipeline?

I have a full band show ‪on January 26th at The Old Blue Last – I’m playing a set packed with brand new songs and working with an amazing set of musicians. In the mean time I’m trying to hunt down a bridal veil for the gig…

New Noise: Ellie Rose

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