New Noise: Glass Gang

Synth-infused rock band Glass Gang are the brand new icy-cool Brooklyn trio.

A slightly shoegaze-y/90s rock sound and the DIY spirit of the New York City underground music scene are what make up NYC trio Glass Gang. The ever-mysterious rock band, who blend post-punk guitars with synth beats and waves of electronica, take the NYC underground club culture and elements from their dynamic inspirations (who include Sisters Of Mercy, Pina Bausch and The Rolling Stones) to create a sound that is as stripped back as it is full of climaxes and heavy basslines.

Their new, debut EP “1 For None” encompasses everything that is right about the NYC music scene. Working with producer and mixer Sonny Diperri, in tracks like “Outside Your Love” and “Ballet”, Glass Gang match delicate and emotive lyricism with clashing guitars, smooth synth work and relentless basslines. Glass Gang are an alternative, synth-rock paradox. 

Where did the name Glass Gang come from?

It’s up to interpretation.

How would you describe your sound?

Rock music that’s not absolute shit—or so we hope. Post punk guitars with 90s rave beats.

Did your sound come naturally or did you go through a lot of trial and error until you found it?

We started just wanting to make dance/808 beats with loud guitars and it grew from there.

How did you start making music together?

We spent a year writing and recording all the time before ever playing live. The band’s a mix of old friends and new friends. No session guys.

How does the NYC music scene affect your sound?

Everyone comes through NYC, from cool underground shit to Rod Stewart. So you get to see everything. That said, it sometimes feels like every style of art in NYC is subsumed into the fashion world because that’s the only place with any money.  Underground club nights and the modern dance / photography world are where the interesting energy is now, and really where the best non-commercial work is happening. You can go out any night of the week and see some of the coolest shit on the planet.

What are your favourite things about making music, and the least?

We want to write good songs, play shows and let the music speak for itself. It’s a bummer how much music has become all about being a lifestyle brand on the internet. Get the Glass Gang Millennial Handbag Collection at your nearest Macy’s.

“We want it to feel like a big dark dance party, onstage and hopefully in the audience also.”

Tell us about your new EP! What themes do you explore and what’s the sound like?

It’s about living in a gilded city, and doing nothing while the waters rise around us.

What was it like working with Sonny Diperri?

Sonny is great. We love a lot of the same music, so that helps when working towards a sound. He got us deep into analog synths and we learned a lot about LA ramen spots. His stories are legendary.

What’s your live show like – anything we won’t expect?

We want it to feel like a big dark dance party, onstage and hopefully in the audience also. We’re trying to build a world live and create an escape. From the visuals to the music. And of course for everyone to have fun.

Who are your influences and how do they inspire you?

Legends like Kanye, Man Ray, Terrence Malick, Pina Bausch, ‪The Rolling Stones, ‪Ofra Haza, Los Yorks, Dischord Records and the D.C. punk scene, Ayrton Senna, ‪Ryan Adams, Johan Cruyff, Ohad Naharin. The whole British ‘80s indie label scene, what labels like Factory, Creation, 4AD, Mute, and others did and who they signed is insane, the risks and the payoffs. The list of bands those labels signed and picked have shaped modern rock and dance music so much, as well as our tastes.  Also, new electronic music is crazy right now, the stuff from South London label Her Records is insane, MM (miss modular) is putting out all these hard percussion-based tracks that are like nothing, so tribal, but so future’y.  Lastly, goth music, ‪Clan of Xymox, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cure all those bands live with us to this day, the same as ‪Peter Hook bass-lines… that way of writing these direct melodies that are so simple but live forever will always be inspirational.

What’s next?

Our first EP just dropped and we have our first UK tour coming up. Recording in London. Writing our first album.

New Noise: Glass Gang

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