Night Crawling: RAISE

RAISE is the new South London club night merging the German and UK electronic music scenes.

London’s club scene is among the most famous in the world, and now, with new club night RAISE, hosted by London collective Club Late Music and German collective Very Very Contemporary, it’s about to get even bolder and even better. Bringing together the best of the new German electronic scene with up and coming electronic artists from the UK, RAISE, held at Peckham’s famous Rye Wax, will reinvent the idea of what a club night should be.

With a music orientation revolving around contemporary bass music, new wave avant gardiste sounds and alternative club music, RAISE aims to bring people together to dance under a diverse range of music to put on the wildest party in South London. RAISE’s inaugural event line up is a reason to party in itself; headlined by Sami Baha, and with other sets from Shaun Bass, Phantom Call, Steff and PANPAN, the line-up brings together the best up and coming electronic DJs, from London to Istanbul and Berlin for a night to remember.

Wonderland spoke to Brice from Club Late Music and Sebastian from VVC (Very Very Contemporary) about RAISE.

What was the reason behind starting RAISE?

Sebastian: RAISE aims to travel with friends from a party to another one in Europe. Meeting people with music, connecting friends, enjoying life.

Brice: We wanted with RAISE bringing all our friends together around a same place, and getting people who loves music to a same night. RAISE is how we see the friendship, it is like a family diner with music and fun.

Where did the name RAISE come from?

Sebastian: RAISE means « make something happen #together. »

Why did you want to connect the UK and German electronic scenes?

Sebastian: We all are friends already, we just wanted doing this to see us more often and visit London peeps during a weekend. Thursday is just the beginning.

Brice: London and Berlin represent the two most interesting electronic music scenes in Europe. In the past few years we have seen some really great artists coming from those two scenes… so it seemed interesting to connect both scenes and see how we can go further by working with all those artists.

How are German collective VVC and the London-based Club Late Music involved?

Sebastian: VVC and CLM have worked together before on some events and music stuff. Raise in London is just logic. It will be a regular event and we’d like to feature some of the freshest musicians from Berlin and our respective networks.

Why did you choose Rye Wax as the location?

Sebastian: Rye Wax is a legend. We are targeting the weekends there!

Brice: Rye Wax is a well established venue in South London. We love the vibe in Peckham and we think this matches perfectly with the mood of RAISE.

Who’s on the first RAISE line-up?

Brice: Our headliner is Sami Baha. He is a turkish producer based in London and signed on Planet Mu. We are really into his music and he was our first choice for this RAISE. Steff from the music collective Hea4rtbroken is our second guest. We really love what she is playing and we are looking forward to be alongside her for that night. Phantom is Sebastian, Panpan is my DJ avatar and Shaun Bass (ex-Londoner) is our friend from Berlin who is also behind RAISE.

Why do you think it’s important to have an international music aspect?

Sebastian: Exchange and diversity are really important to keep it flowing and it is also more fun.

Brice: We are from different countries. Today, everything is about connecting people, connecting different music genres, meeting different musicians from different backgrounds, etc. I think it is really contemporary to work this way. This sounds obvious to me.

What’s the future of RAISE?

Sebastian: The future is more events in London but also Berlin, and Frankfurt, and Hamburg…

The first RAISE club night will be on 27 October 2016, at Rye Wax, Peckham.