New Noise: Porter

We challenge you to take your eyes of Wonderland’s latest music crush, Porter.


Porter is one of those rare artists that always knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. Feeling as at home on the stage as he does in his actual home, Porter is an artist you can’t take your eyes off of. Committing to his sound fully, losing himself in the music and allowing the feeling to take over and let him become one with his sound, he’s mastered the art of creating a fully immersive experience. His soul-baring is unrivalled; he’s an artist that throws himself completely into the moment, whether he be in the studio or performing live, creating an experience that sucks you in and transports you through an emotional rainbow to come out uplifted.

Channelling his heart and soul into his tracks, Porter’s sound is authentic and his mix of soul, pop, reggae and electronica meld together to resemble what those classic 90s tracks we all love would sound like if created now. With influences including the likes of legendary Stevie Wonder, Prince and Solange, Porter takes elements of genres from soul to house and creates a truly modern sound. His lyrics are just as real as he is; taking inspiration from his own life and what he knows, Porter’s honest lyricism, combined with his addictive sound, have made for a star in waiting.

Sum up your sound in five words?

Authentic, true, rich, deep, sexy

Was music always your chosen career path?

Yeah.. I always knew I was gonna be on stage, there were never any other options for me. I probably was a really annoying kid always forcing people to sit down and listen to me singing! Hahaha

How does performing live compare to recording?

Both are epic but in completely different ways.. I love feeling the connection with a crowd and really sharing a moment. With recording though there is no better feeling then when you’re in that booth in the studio and you just let rip, it feels like no one is around, It’s just me for that moment and I totally lose myself in my music.

What’s your live performance like?

I feel really at home on stage and it helps that I have an amazingly talented band! Whenever I’m in a situation with loud music it just kinda takes over my body.. I just give the crowd all of me, often too much! You see I move in a strange way when performing, so yeah that will be coming out! Haha

Who are your influences and how do they inspire you?

I have been inspired by so many artists like STEVIE WONDER, SEAL, TONI BRAXTON & PRINCE also more current artists like NAO, BANKS, SOLANGE & KLYNE, They’ve created some of my recent favourite music. They inspire but the thing that actually drives my music and writing is my life. I tend to write based on what I KNOW and what I LIVE. That’s where my inspiration mainly sits.

Do you think the industry is supportive of up and coming artists?

“I’ve been really lucky so far, as my management company Noisy Kitchen have always encouraged me to be the artist I want to be. I’m also a generally positive person but i’m aware that there is good and bad in everything in life. I just have to believe that there is a place for what I do at that it resinates with people – And just be ME, that’s all I can do!

Who’s your dream collaboration and why?

Hmmmm BIG! Actually I currently have two! I LOVE BANKS and would love to work with her. I’ve not stopped listening to her recent album “the altar” I think we could create something really interesting.. The late Prince I think would have been the most amazing experience! The way he worked! Ahh imagine how much you’d learn with PRINCE! I will never ever tire of Controversy! Legendary.

What are your plans for the future?

I am excited for my sell out gig next week at the Hoxton bar & grill which is my main focus at the moment.. After that its back in the studio and focus on the writing. I am working with some AMAZING producers so the plan is to make an insane album for 2017, Essentially I just want to create a piece of work that has my heart and soul in it, something that is truly me and that I am proud of….hopefully people love it too!