Premiere: SVFARI – "Beautiful Human"

The debut release from SVFARI “Beautiful Human” is raw, blunt and emotional R&B.

Song writing is in SVFARI’s blood. At the age of 10, when we were all worried about whether or not we could wear lipgloss yet, SVFARI was already writing his first songs. Several years of lyrical work later, SVFARI joined forces with his brother, who is his producer, forming a collaborative partnership that together with SVFARI’s ear of pared back fusions is a recipe for sweet beats. Working away in their back garden, SVFARI and his brother constructed their own studio and starting creating a feel good, R&B tinged but genre-fluid sound.

“Beautiful Human”, the first release from his debut EP, is a philosophical and emotive conversation with a potential lover. A minimalist fusion of R&B, hip-hop and dance, SVFARI sucks you in with his raw and blunt lyrics, exploring emotional trysts and relationship fallouts. SVFARI said “My only intention with my music is to be true and connect with others in the way my favourite artists connected with me.” Rest-assured, if you want to have your heart strings tugged, SVFARI’s got you covered. “Beautiful Human” is a sophisticated and innovative sound that is effortlessly refreshing; we’ve got high hopes for SVFARI.