For the past few years Berlin’s Creamcake club nights have been an IRL home to some of the most exciting currents in the online music underground.

Negroma by Mathea Hoffmann

Negroma by Mathea Hoffmann

Creamcake (run by organisers Daniela Seitz and Anja Weigl) have a knack for bridging gaps between DJs, music producers and multidisciplinary artists. It seems boundaries are always blurring in our super connected (and super anxious) digital lives, and for music culture this is no different. It’s no surprise then that when Creamcake scaled up and launched their inaugural 3hd Festival last year it struck a chord. So much so that the festival is back again in 2016, hosting a diverse line-up including the likes of Coucou Chloé, DJ Paypal, Inga Copeland/Lolina, Ruth Angel Edwards, Soda Plains featuring Negroma, and UNiiQU3 just to name a few.

In the lead up to this year’s festival I had a chat with Creamcake covering topics from club culture, internet overload through to heartfelt soundchecks with Lil B’s manager.



3hd Festival is pretty unique as a music festival in that it’s more than just performances, but includes discussions, visual art collaborations and essays. Where did the idea for the festival come along, and how did it stem from what you’ve been doing with Creamcake?

The concept comes from the hybrid atmosphere we’ve been working in with individual events. Over time, we realised we can’t do music without reaching into the fields of visual arts and performance. There’s a large amount of physical connections that we can present, and the people we work with are often experimenting at this intersection.

The online platform was established when we saw other media outlets were not publishing what we would like to read and see. It’s very easy. We want to contribute to the world of media, experiment and produce the ideas we have—without having to feel limited by money, existing structures, politics etc.

Creamcake is more a collective and club night, which pushes against mainstream culture and pop consumerism in terms of lineups, taste, and support of emerging artists. 3hd Festival moves towards multiple industries on a commercial scale, but with a non-traditional approach.

What are some of the most memorable moments you’ve had since first starting Creamcake, or with the 3hd Festival?

I really enjoyed learning from Emma Burgess-Olson (aka Umfang) of Discwoman, when she presented a CDJ workshop with Creamcake last month. She was really honest, and gave a lot of insider tips about the world of DJing. I really enjoyed the performance by Colin Self last year at the first 3hd Festival, when he danced in sync with a small girl on a projection, and when Lil B’s manager, Sebastian, did the soundcheck for him and sang B’s emotional hit ‘I Love You’. Soundchecks in general are very intimate moments. Also, when Keiska played his Powerpoint EP that we released through 3hd live at OHM—it’s such a satisfying feeling to realise music projects and work so close with an artist.

There are so many bedroom producers these days. With the internet—even more so than with the punk movement—it’s like the idea that anyone can be a musician is becoming very mainstream. I’d say that in much the same way that people have Instagram or Snapchat accounts for sharing content, they also have SoundCloud pages. Do you think the Internet might be changing what it means to be a musician? And if so how?

Yes, the internet has changed what it means to be a musician. It has opened so many doors. The themes of digital identity, posthumanism, information overload and even narcissism have been closely intertwined into these musical and multidisciplinary projects. But it’s not so easy anymore. SoundCloud used to be one of the most important platforms, but it’s getting worse and worse because of copyright law enforcement. There is also so much diverse and great content online that it’s difficult to process and follow everything.

Creamcake has definitely worked with a diverse range of electronic musicians, but there seems in your history a connection with club music. Is there anything in particular that draws you personally to the club and its potentials as a performance space?

We like the club because that is the place where we grew up. We really enjoy dancing and talking to strangers. We also like to study underground movements and be a part of it. Since we’ve been working so hard and are getting older we’re less involved in partying every night, but that’s why we have 3hd Festival hahahaha.

What can we look forward to at this year’s 3hd Festival?

Oh there is so much! We’re really looking forward to the experience as a whole!

Recently we made a playlist with all the 3hd participants. After listening we had a nice image of what will be happening this year!

We can’t wait to see Aisha Devi, COOL FOR YOU, Inga Copeland, and Kara-Lis Coverdale. Also we can’t wait to see Negroma and Soda Plains performing together.

3hd Festival 2016 runs from 11-15 October at various venues across Berlin including ​HAU Hebbel am Ufer, OHM, Vierte Welt, as well as online: http://www.3hd-festival.com

Jared Davis

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