Premiere: Dos Global – "Crash Test"

Buckle up for Dos Global’s world domination with his bass-fueled trap-pop.

Photograph by Tyra Mitchell

Photograph by Tyra Mitchell

Michael Tousana, previously of The Trp, has transformed to become the solo artist known as Dos Global. And we’re sure glad he did.

The vocalist/rapper/producer from Atlanta, GA has released his most recent track to the world, and Wonderland snapped it up before anyone else could get their hands on it. The track titled “Crash Test” is off of Dos Global’s upcoming EP Pr0gress1ve. The 8-track EP features production from the likes of The Ex’s, Ambient Boi and of course, Dos himself.  The EP is bursting with bass-fueled pop tracks riddled with infectious melodies. Other tracks from the EP contain the Timberland inspired “4wd” and the bubbly “Bape Trunks”. This triple threat’s music is influenced by trap music from his Atlanta roots, as well as London Drum and Bass, which he uses to create the freshest of sounds. Being a visual artist, Dos is hugely inspired by artists like Pharrell and Kanye, who focus on creating a complete sensory experience with their music; painting an artistic masterpiece both sonically and visually.

Despite the unthinkable idea that he would ever pick a favourite child, Dos says that from his EP, “Crash Test” is certainly a track that is very special to him. He describes it as, “a chaotic love song. A high octane adrenaline rush of how relationships can shape us and our desires. A pop song.” Take a listen to the energetic “Crash Test” first here on Wonderland.

Describe your sound to us in 5 separate words?






How did you come up with the name Dos Global?

I’ve been called Dos Since forever now. The Global part represents the connection with the people. Through the internet we live in a Global community. I build with people all over the world, sharing ideas, sounds. etc. and we can do that I want to represent that.

You’re inspired by genres from Atlanta and London, which one of the two music scenes do you prefer, Atlanta or London? Why?

Atlanta is where I’m from, I’m always going to resonate with the music and culture out of my city. London blew my mind when I was out there.The music is a mashup of everything. I love hearing grime dudes sample these super euro synth melodies and making a super hard track from that.

What’s the story behind the title of your EP, “Pr0gress1ve”? Did you have any other name options?

I want people to know what they are getting. It’s a new vibe, I just feel the title fits. It’s an EP but I want it to be a piece of art that stands the test of time. I never even considered another name for this.

What’s your favorite track off of the EP? And why?

Every track is different parts of me so its hard to pick which is my favorite. Crashtest is super special to me though. Me and my co-producers for this track, the Exs really went in to make sure the feeling was right. I’m excited to share the other tracks too, I got some bangers for y’all.

What’s your creative process like when you’re making music? Is it challenging, relaxed..?

My team and I just sit down and get busy. The tracks usually start as a super simple idea I record on my iPhone or a sketch of a beat I made in FL. Next these stems get built up, simplified, and built up again til it’s ready.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

I’m a visual artist as well as a music creator. Kanye and Pharrell really shaped me to who I want to be as a producer and an artist, sonically, visually, and publicly.

My friends and collaborators really challenge me too. I feel like some of my friends make the craziest music and put me on to some of the most progressive art/music I’ve seen/heard.

If you could collaborate with any artist, past or present, who would it be?

Alive I’d say Ye, that’s a legendary experience that you want to learn from. Dead I’d say Mike, to work with Michael Jackson on a track at any point of time is wild. He lived his whole life for music.

What can we expect from Dos Global in the future?

More Bangers! Global sounds, more videos, more fire,  a nonstop roll of creativity. Always sharpen the sword. Pr0gress1ve is set to drop this fall.

Photograph by Tyra Mitchell
Mariah Rosslee
Premiere: Dos Global - "Crash Test"

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