Noble People Vol.2

Noble People are the noble knights pioneering artistic talent and expression.

If you’re not familiar with Noble People, well take a seat class because we’re about to teach you a lesson. They describe themselves as a “multidisciplinary label and creative platform for up-and-coming artists in the fields of music, fashion and art, operating from London and New York.” They also explain how collaborating between different artists and mediums is all a part of their ethos. So basically, they’re the pied pipers of fresh artistic talent, and we’re definitely down with that.

To aid their quest of promoting and searching for artistic talent, Noble People holds a biannual exhibition called The Volume Series. The event was launched last year, and took place on November 2015, and was held at London’s Soho Revue Gallery. The purpose of the shindig is to showcase NP’s various talent including artists, photographers and designers for a private collectors’ exhibition. Excitingly, the time is nearing for Vol.2 and it’s an ideal opportunity for the label to show off their newest signees. The party is going down on September 8th at Miranda, Ace Hotel. Oh and did we mention the event was free?

Taking advantage of an occasion bursting with creative people, Noble People hopes that the inspirational vibe will rub off on younger artists. They’re hoping that it will hopefully lead to a discussion about conformity in the London media and about the social anxiety of generation Y.

Additionally, Noble People are set to open their new studio space in Clerkenwell which will be the new home for their in-house artists. The space will be a haven for the artists, decked out in fashion design and photography studios as well as a print room.

Noble People Vol.2 will give viewers the chance to witness one of the first series of artist Ted Targett’s interactive pieces. Targett’s new work explores physical and sociological factors that define the way we see. To do so, he has escaped from his comfort zone of painting, and broadened his focus to interactive pieces. It’s really focused on exploring perception. His previous series Collision/Divide from 2015 can be seen below. That collection was focused on the idea of wanting to always be in control.

Earlier in the year, the label launched the career of Amsterdam-based producer Bruno Verhaar, releasing his acclaimed debut EP “Bruno HTML“. Bruno is set to perform at Noble People Vol.2 along with hip hop act, To Move Alone To. Also keep an eye out for Bruno’s new single, “Too Much To”, which he’s going to be releasing very, very soon.

Along with Bruno, also performing on the night is Noble People‚Äôs newest signee, techno/house producer Jeigo. Get a sneak peak of Jeigo’s style through the promo mix he made for the show through Noble People’s ‘Curations‘ series on Soundcloud.

Mariah Rosslee