Michael Kors "The Walk" Campaign × Solange Knowles

Michael Kors debuts “The Walk”, a 360-degree street style hand bag campaign.

Enlisting the help of a fierce girl army, Michael Kors launched its first ever street style campaign on the 31st August. It also happens to be the first of the continuing series, with new style personalities joining Michael Kors The Walk each season, spotlighting significant handbags. The man of the hour, Michael Kors sums up his thoughts on the campaign saying, “fashion is a celebration of individual style, and I’ve always thought of New York City as the ultimate runway. The Walk was a great opportunity for us to see our favorite new fall handbags through different filters. Style is so subjective. There’s nothing more exciting to me than seeing my designs brought to life by different personalities.”

The influencers are a group of trendsetting females who have distinct style personalitites, consisting of singer/songwriter Solange Knowles, models Soo Joo Park and Nina Agdal, as well as Princess Olympia of Greece. The girls showcase the new MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags (the Brooklyn series and the Isadore satchel) as well as the Fall 2016 ready-to-wear. The campaign was shot by acclaimed street photographer Tommy Ton, who followed the ladies around downtown New York and snapped some photos. “It was really a fun experience observing how each girl would make the clothes and accessories their own and while still being true to their everyday style,” says Ton.

First up at Wonderland, we’re highlighting one lady in particular: founder of Saint Heron, CEO of Saint Records, the one and only Solange Knowles. You can’t talk about unique style and not mention Solange, I mean did you see the woman’s wedding? Goals for days. For the campaign, Solange rocks the Brooklyn Grommet Crossbody bag while sauntering around The Village. If you’re as eager as we were to dive into her brain and see what makes her tick, check out a little Q&A with the style queen herself below.

Favourite place to visit in West Village?

Miss Lily’s, hands down…When I was 13 I visited Jamaica, and I’ve been back every year since, sometimes two or three times a year. The culture really left a mark on my soul, so much so that when I was in my teens I studied a lot of Rastafarianism philosophies and became a vegetarian for four years. I also adopted a lot of the stylistic components in my first album. Miss Lily’s reminds me of that time, and of the paradise Jamaica is…It’s a little slice of it right in Manhattan. The energy and music and vibes there are always right on.

Favorite book you’ve read in the past year?

Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen” really blew my mind. A friend of mine in Marfa, Texas, who owns the bookstore there gave it to me as an anniversary present and it is truly a beautiful,honest, and poignant book of poetry about black existence. I just lent it to a friend actually, but it’s the kind of book you want to read a few times to really let the words resonate… You take your style cues from… So many people, places and experiences…some of my style icons are Erykah Badu, Bjork, Kate Bush, Lauryn Hill, but I’m also inspired just as much by my friends. My friend Melina (a video director) and Armina Mussa (an artist and project manager for Saint Heron) have incredible style. It’s truly about the woman and what they reflect and represent and the magic they posses that inspires me stylistically.

Artist who most inspires you?

I’m extremely inspired by the colors and textiles of Mark Rothko, Donald Judd, Toyin Odutola, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, the textures of Nick Cave sculptures—and the list goes on and on and on. Contemporary art shapes the way I see the world so much.

Favorite place you’ve ever travelled to?

That’s impossible to answer! Each trip has such distinctive memories that are sketched into who I am and have become today. Some of my favorite trips were my honeymoon in Bahia, my 30th birthday in White Sands, New Mexico, Dakar Senegal, and sailing in Croatia. Travel is truly my passion. I grew up on the road dancing as a dancer for Destiny’s Child, which really cultivated a nomadic spirit in me.

The campaign will be available through an in-store moment in THE KORS EDIT pop-up boutique at 384 Bleecker Street. It will also be available on the Michael Kors website, through an interactive, shoppable page. The idea was concepted and art directed by Wednesday agency. Fans can get involved by posting street style photos of themselves wearing Michael Kors on Instagram and Twitter using #SidewalkSpotted. The MK team will be picking a bunch of posts to feature on the Michael Kors The Walk platform.

Mariah Rosslee
Michael Kors "The Walk" Campaign x Solange Knowles

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