Paws On: Wan Hung & Emoji

Who has all the insider fashion knowledge, access to an enviable wardrobe and a tail? We catch up with Emoji, London designer Wan Hung’s new pup.

Barely out of CSM, London-based Hainan-born designer Wan Hung is a relatively new obsession of ours. With his eponymous label founded in 2014, he’s since exhibited the skills he developed working with brands like Tom Ford, John Rocha and Bernhard Willhelm on London Collections Men’s stage with art inspired tropical collections.

A lustworthy mix of tailoring and luxury sportswear, you could fill your wardrobe with Wan Hung and never need anything else. With embellishments in the form of acrylic painting prints and hand embroidery, traditional craftsmanship is contrasted with modern approaches through 3D cutting.

Avid fashion followers will already know from Wan’s Instagram that he recently became a father… of sorts. New puppy Emoji (because he looks exactly like the puppy emoji, duh) has been following Wan’s fashionable escapades over the last couple of months, so who better to try and prize some secrets about the AW17 collection from?

Hey Wan! Can you please send us the answers to Emoji’s questions on his behalf? We’re not sure if paws are good for typing?

It is my pleasure to answer the questions on Emoji’s behalf as his daddy.

Hey Emoji! Can you remember the day Wan Hung brought you home?

I was very happy and curious about my new home so I ran around the flat when I arrived at daddys place, and I made a pee pee to mark my place! Lol…

Have you ever been the subject of any canine dress-up sessions?

Not yet, daddy said it is too hot these days. But I tried a pink wig few weeks ago.

Sounds divine. Where’s the best place in London to go walkies/street style spot/judge people on their poor sartorial choices?

Soho definitely. Sometimes I don’t even know if it’s poor sartorial choice or actually rich sartorial choice people have there…

It’s always hard to tell the difference… We’ve noticed on Instagram that you get taken to the studio with Wan. Can you tell us any secrets about the next collection?

Shhh… Don’t tell him I told you this, but daddy is creating lots of pets and animals for his next collection. Remember, shhh!!!

You’ve been on some day trips to the Serpentine too, who are your favourite artists? Do you have the same taste as Wan?

My favourite artist would be Bjarke Ingels who created the ‘unzipped wall’. There are lots of three-dimensional details which really linked to my daddy’s collections – 3D collars, 3D lapels and more. It is also a great place for playing hide and seek with daddy there. So ya, we definitely have the same taste, it’s probably because we’re both Taurus…

Which piece from Wan’s archive do you most wish came in puppy size?

Hm… I want too many… Maybe the Hainan Beading Tailored Jacket, it got hand embroidery on it. So cute! Or maybe the Hainan Knit Vest could come in puppy size too because that’s where my daddy is from.

Who’s your canine style icon?

@Rocco_Roni! I wish I could be as stylish as him 😛

When are you going to get your own Instagram account?

Hm… it is a very good question because my daddy only wants to keep all of me to himself. But I will let him know. Thanks!

Which are your most used Emojis?

Of course it is the puppy dog face because I look exactly like him 😛

All clothing WAN HUNG SS17

All clothing WAN HUNG SS17
Paws On: Wan Hung & Emoji

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