New Noise: Alxndr London

Bask in Alxndr London’s exotic fusion of experimental electronica and new soul.

This singer/songwriter from East London is infecting the nation with his fusion of soul and electronic music. That’s not all, as he was featured on BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac’s list of ‘New Names to Watch in 2016’. His music sits somewhere between fantasy and reality while taking you on a journey through multiple genres. And he teases us with his first release of the year titled “XXX”, as his debut EP “A Long Time Ago” is due to release in autumn.

Prepare for a trip when listening to his music. “XXX” is filled with twangs of sensual and sharp electric guitar backed with smooth vocals. Nothing like you’ve ever heard before, imagine if you could barely hear your electronic music through your headphones because your sibling is blasting old school R&B through the loudest speakers. It’s weird as hell, but it totally works. Smooth and silky (he tells us he’s inspired by Amy Winehouse), Alxndr’s music has definitely got soul. To wrap it up, his sound gets combined with his sister’s off-kilter visuals — a match made in music heaven.

We sent over some quick-fire questions through the ol’ digital wormhole to get a glimpse into the creative mind of Alxndr London.

Describe your music to us in three words?

I like it 🙂

How did it feel to be featured on Annie Mac’s ‘New Names to Watch in 2016’ list? Were you pleasantly surprised?

Right, so it’s a cold winters night – blitz. I’m in the manor, walking upon the roadside, in the ends where I reside.

“Ring ring, ring ring” says my phone.

It’s only my mate calling to say Annie Mac is playing an Alxndr London song on Radio 1.

I would be spewing the biggest fattest porky pies if I said I wasn’t surprised.

Obvs I believe in myself X100. Obvs I know the force is within me *lightsaber buzzes in the background*. Obvs my juju is advanced. Obvs God is good (all the time). Yet, I honestly have absolutely no idea how ‘man-like-Ann’ heard of me.

Do you lot speak? Ask her please. Safe. X

What’s the story behind the name “XXX”? Does it have a particular meaning to you?

It all means something to me.

XXX tells the story of toxic, broken symphonies, poisoning perfect harmony.

What’s your favourite song off of your EP and why?

*Gasps* I love all my children equally, shame on you mister/missy *Alxndr winks and slaps the back of the interviewers hand lightly*

If you could collaborate with any artist/s, past or present, who would it be?

Amy Winehouse 🙁 X

What’s your favourite genre of music to create? 

No clue. I like wayyy too many.

Rainbows are my favourite colour …

Hailing from East London, what are your thoughts about the London music scene?

We’re living in one of the most creative times ever and I can’t get enough of it.

London is a melting pot, overflowing with all sorts and types of visionaries. The underground/’left’ is alive and kicking challenging conventional wisdom with every breath.

My thoughts may change like the British weather but I will always have a special place in my heart for London and the creatives that call it home.

What is your process like when you’re creating music?

Always and forever abundantly filled with good times and good memories.

Cc: happy_cat_jp and @harrsn on production credits of my EP A Long Time Ago.

Yes yes lads. Safe. X

Where do your main sources of inspiration come from?

Betwixt the echoes of yesterday; mirroring reflections of tomorrow.

Your sound is a mixture of soul and electronica. How did you invent and decide on that style?

Nothing is new under the sun. I have not invented or decided on anything 🙂

Unapologetically I shall continue to create without inhibition. Soon you shall see smoke.

You have some great visuals! Is there a story behind your artwork and your images?

Safe! They bang X100 innit?

My sister Dysect created all my current and past visuals; aligned seamlessly with all that I am. X

Got any exciting new projects that you’re currently working on?

A) My EP is called ‘A Long Time Ago’. It shall be available very soon via all the obvious outlets.

B) To celebrate the EP release and a year since my first ever live show, I’ll have another live show. Come?

C) It’s easiest if you just follow me on the socials. I promise to like tweet and gram and all that more.

@MXIIIXM (yes, cool Roman numerals)

It’s been a pleasure. Safe. X

Mariah Rosslee
New Noise: Alxndr London

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