Don’t get FOMO. Listen to Fono.

So you’re into dance music, but you don’t know Fono? Shame. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. He just released the music video for his new single, “Feet On The Ground”, which is off of his anticipated EP ‘Kinetic’. Let us break down everything you need to know about Fono, just for you.

A Brighton producer with a bright future, Fono worked as a club promoter during his formative teenage years, his love of dance music was born. Deciding to further immerse himself in the genre (and the club environment, because, well why wouldn’t you want life to be one big party?) Fono eventually curated his own UK club night. The event, For The Future, had its first night take place where it all began, back in Brighton. The night included sets from Fono himself, as well as a selection of other UK producers such as our current favourite kid to hype: salute as well as Karma Kid and Lxury.

Fono has seen love from many influential faces in the dance music industry from Annie Mac to Calvin Harris to Nick Grimshaw. If that wasn’t enough proof of his talent, he’s also remixed songs for likes of club kings Duke Damont, Major Lazer and Years and Years.

Fono’s debut 5-track EP ‘Kinetic’ includes ‘Feet On The Ground’, which we’re lucky enough to be premiering exclusively at Wonderland. With his previous video receiving numerous awards, such as at the Paris International Music Video Festival, it is no surprise that this video is equally as electrifying.

On the helm of the music video is Pavel Brenner, who previously worked with Lorn on “Acid Rain”. The hypnotising work of art features a little girl who just can’t keep her feet off the ground when listening to this song. She busts a move to the upbeat dance track lit by a halo of sultry blue and red hues. Her enthusiasm for the song is both unsurprising and contagious, matching perfectly with the cheerful track. As a homage to 80s spooky high school movies, the hazy video has a hint of the supernatural. We won’t spoil any more of it for you though, you’ll just have to watch to find out exactly what goes down. It’s an overall treat for the eyes and ears, and we’re looking forward to see what’s next in store for Fono.

Mariah Rosslee