Our cover girl Kylie turns 19 today! We’ve compiled the best King Kylie moments in celebration of our favourite member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Birthday girl Kylie Jenner is a force to be reckoned with. She may only be turning 19 today, but the social media star has already built herself an empire. With over 69 million followers on Instagram, Kris’s littlest kid is one of the world’s biggest influencers, having spent more than half her life under the intense public microscope that is the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show. We interviewed the reality TV princess for our “Fame” issue this year, where she spoke of her dislike of the scrutiny that comes with being a celebrity and her hopes to retire on a farm with chickens one day (seriously). Until then though, it seems Kylie will continue to share the minutiae of her life with her legion of adoring fans… Not that we’re complaining!

In honour of her big day, we’ve put together a list of our very favourite things about Kylie. ‘Cause, y’know, it’s not like the girl gets enough press already!

Her ever-changing hair colour…

Kylie is the ultimate hair style chameleon. She’s been dying it since she was nine years old, so she’s had to learn how to switch up her style without doing serious damage to her natural thick dark hair. Since then, with the help of some nifty wigs, Kylie’s changed her hair colour and cut more times than we can count. We especially appreciated Kylie’s Coachella colour fest, which included luscious long peach locks and multi coloured mermaid-esque braids. If you’re ever stuck in a rut and need some hairspiration, Kylie’s the gal to turn to.

That infamous pout…

If there’s one thing Kylie’s most (in)famous for, it’s her pillowy pout. Whilst everyone knows that those lips are not exactly au naturale, that hasn’t stopped an army of copy cats trying to recreate her look. Kylie’s new lips inspired the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”, a trend which saw teens the world over attempt to plump up their lips by sucking a shot glass. Whilst we won’t be trying that anytime soon, we’re all for the Kylie Lip Kit, which leads us on to our next point…

The promotional video for LipKit “Glosses”…

To promote the expansion of her LipKit line to include lip glosses, Kylie treated the world to a music video slash three minute advert where she looked cute AF. Although the video prompted mass confusion due to speculation over it’s actual purpose, let’s just say that we’re big fans of the Louis V head scarf. Plus, it was directed by Grammy nominated Colin Tilley – who’s worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Justin Beiber – so it was always going to be a visual treat.

Her unrivalled Snapchat game…

It’s well known that Kylie is the queen of selfies and more specifically, of Snapchat. She’s the most viewed person on the app, using it to provide sneak-peeks at new projects, videos of her dogs (Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi) and the general life of Ky. If you don’t already follow her, expect lots of pouting, lots of mouthing the the words of songs, lots of whispering to camera and use of only the cutest, most flattering filters.

She’s fine with being seen behaving badly on occasion…

Like every teenager, Kylie’s had her fair share of moments that could well not be considered her finest hours. What sets Kylie apart however, is some of those moments have been captured on screen and televised for the entire world to see. As we mentioned above, Kylie’s someone who finds the pressures of fame very intense, but she hasn’t let that stop her being who she is and has tried to get on with life as best as she can. From arguing with Kendall over clothes to shouting at her Mum, Kylie’s not afraid to bare all for the cameras.

Her #IAmMoreThan campaign…

As someone that grew up subject to intense public criticism, Kylie’s a big anti-bullying advocate. She’s dealt with more than her fair share of haters, and in 2015 Kylie launched her #IAmMoreThan Instagram campaign to inspire victims of bullying to share their experiences. By inspiring people to tell their stories, Kylie’s aim was to shift the focus on bullying from purely negative into something that can make people feel stronger. Say what you like about the Kardashians, but you can’t argue that they don’t try and give back where they can.

Kathleen Johnston

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