David Beckham for Haig Club Clubman

Here’s a picture of David Beckham (and some news about Haig Club Whisky) to brighten up your Wednesday morning.

In the same way that America has the Kardashians, their first family of fame, we have the Beckhams, the people’s royal family. Only, as much as we love a trashy night in with some reality TV, the Beckhams are infinitely more classy.

Dear readers, you all already know how much we adore Brooklyn, now it’s time for some David appreciation. Both Posh and Becks have come a long way in fashion since their co-ordinated puffa jackets and matching rottweilers (still one of the best looks ever, though) and David has become a poster boy for British gentlemen’s style after finally, finally, sticking to a decent haircut, post-mohawk, post-braids, post-frosted tips.

So with the help of Haig Club, we present Exhibit A. – David Beckham looking amazing drinking some whisky. We’re sold, thank you, we’ll take a year’s supply.

But seriously, there’s more to Haig Club’s new Clubman single grain scotch whisky than David Beckham. With a name taken from 1920s advertising, where Haig was described as “The Clubman’s Whisky”, the new variety looks at the brand’s heritage with a modern spin.

Ronan Beirne, Global Marketing Director for Haig Club commented: “Clubman aligns with our long-term ambition to offer a stable of Haig Club expressions at various price points to match different occasions and consumer tastes. We are pleased that Haig Club has helped to place grain whisky back on the map and become one of the most talked about whiskies in the world. Out of this success, the time is right to introduce a new edition. Haig Club Clubman will enable us to continue to drive the vibrancy and momentum of the Scotch Whisky category, in line with the brand’s strategy.’’

With over 30 years of experience, master distiller and blender Chris Clark matured the whisky in American oak casks, previously holding bourbon. You’ll be able to taste vanilla, butterscotch and sweet toffee flavours thanks to him.

And a final word from Mr Beckham himself: “Working closely with Diageo, we look forward to welcoming Clubman into the Haig Club family. From its earliest days, Scotch whisky has attracted people from all over the world with its sophistication, style and distinctive array of flavours. We want to continue in this spirit, bringing to market a special new whisky and introducing new fans to this incredible industry.”

Haig Club Clubman will be available across GB from August at a recommended retail price of £25.