Playlist: Jodie Abacus

Jodie Abacus makes the most banal task a party: here’s a playlist for cleaning your living room on a Saturday afternoon. Niche.

Jodie Abacus knows how to warm our hearts. Currently finishing up his debut album, Abacus’s sweet melodies, which stem from his influences that span through hip hop, jazz, soul and funk, make you feel like the sun is always shining. The same can be said for his newest track “I’ll Be That Friend”, which will be released on 2nd September. Fresh off the back of performances at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Truck Festival and Lovebox (amongst other festivals – he’s a busy guy), he’s getting ready for his UK tour in September.

The video for “I’ll Be That Friend”, which was shot in sunny Los Angeles, was inspired by Shea Glover’s viral video (who he collaborated with on this video), starts off telling people they’re beautiful. We told you it’s heartwarming. The track has piano parts that will make you swoon with happiness and put a smile on your face; even the song title is uplifting, despite the fact that it was written at Abacus’s lowest point: “By the end of that year I wished I could still have the pneumonia instead of such bad heartache. I was crumbling, sitting in an empty room, just me and a bed and my keyboard. I started playing and crying at the same time. I felt like, if I was looking from the outside at this situation, I would give that person a really, really big hug and say it’s all right. That’s when I wrote I’ll Be That Friend.”

Watch his heart-warming video for “I’ll Be That Friend”, and listen to his “Cleaning your room on a Saturday afternoon” playlist – it’s good enough to actually make you want to pick up a feather duster.


“You’re So Vain” – Carly Simon


I remember my mum used to play this early morning on the HIFI on a Saturday whilst we did our chores for the day.

“On My Own” – Patty Labble & Michael McDonald


“Now we’re up to talking divorce and we weren’t even married…” Now that’s POTENT lyrics right there.

“Wishing Well” – Terence Trent D’Arby


As soon as that bounce comes in on the instrumental chorus, it pops off for me… Game over!

“Get Off” – Prince


What a tune… Didn’t quite get the meaning at the time cos I was young, but hey… Now I do, lol.

“Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer


I’ve found the best way to polish furniture is the shuffle and slide across the floor at the same time.

“Today Was A Good Day” – Ice Cube


This sets the Saturday tone nicely… Every time it comes on, you feel like you’ve lived Ice Cube’s West Coast adventure for the day.

“Head Over Heels” – Tears for Fears


I’ll never forget the first time I heard this. It came on the radio while I was putting the sheen on a mirror and just brings me back every time I hear it.

Three Little Birds: Bob Marley


Happy feelings all day through. You just can’t mess with this tune AT ALL.

“Every Little Step” – Bobby Brown


This video used to come on MTV and it always had me doing the “running man”…. The old running man… The proper one.

“Funkin’ for Jamaica” – Tom Browne


If there’s anything to make you clap your hand while holding a dust cloth it’s this… Just don’t sneeze!!… This tune STANKS.

Playlist: Jodie Abacus

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