Marané Swimwear

A new label are re-imagining what men’s swimwear can be.

With summer well and truly upon us, there’s a good chance you’ll be getting ready to jet off someplace where the beaches are sandier, the sea is warmer and the weather is less, well, mercurial than on our changeable shores. Which means that if you’re still relying on those baggy, sun-faded surfing shorts that have served you so reliably (if unstylishly) for the past five years, it might be time for a revamp. Enter Marané Swimwear, a burgeoning Uruguayan label inspired by the sun-scorched city of Punta del Este that’s out to re-imagine what good swimwear for men can be.

Founded by two lifelong friends who roamed Punta del Este’s rugged terrains, sandy dunes and vibrant landscapes during countless childhood vacations, Marané aims to capture that sense of freedom and exploration in its products: to distill in its swimwear that liberating connection with the water. If that all sounds a little grandiose, fear not. At heart, the label has created something that appears simple enough but is in fact rather technically impressive. A threadless, bonded swimshort in a tailored slim fit. That means the all-important drawstring tie remains (holidays are a bad time to be without an expandable waist), but the billowing, baggy look of so much men’s swimwear is  removed. Add to that imported fabric, exquisite attention to detail and even the expertise of some London tailors, and you’ve got a pretty impressive pair of trunks.

The flat-lying, sleek trunks are available in a range of colours inspired by the costal surroundings of Punta del Esta (meaning a core collection of six classic colourways are all present and correct). In addition, the label’s collaborated with local artist Claudio Pincas for a series of watercolour designs entitled the Horizon Collection. Available in three different prints, Pincas’ paintings were sublimated directly onto the fabric with no editing, meaning that every handmade brushtroke and every fleck of paint is faithfully reproduced. Marané’s products are available online and in their Manantiales store: where the label’s founders keep their doors open as a studio for local artists and creatives, so everyone can get that bit more inspired – and look damn good in the process.