New Noise: FEWS

Post-punk four piece FEWS premiere the video to their track “10 Things”.

FEWS are every bit the globalised modern day success story. Formed via social media, the band consists of an American, a Brit and two Swedes. Although they’re based in Sweden, they primarily gig here in the UK, and have been drumming up (pardon the pun) quite the hype over the last few years. FEWS toured with Ghostpoet in 2015, have played alongside the likes of Bloc Party and worked with renowned producer and Speedy Wunderground head Dan Carey on their debut album, which was released to great acclaim this May.

Their distinctively loud, post-post punk alternative sound is a welcome reinvigoration of the somewhat tired genre of indie. Brusque lyricism, icy feedback and thrashing guitars are sure to get the adrenaline pumping. 10 Things is fresh, fun and features some fantastically warped – but nevertheless intricate – guitar, so we’ve been buzzing to see what the accompanying visual would be like. Well, the wait is over, as today is the day that we can finally share the 10 Things video, so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

To celebrate the premiere of 10 Things, we caught up with singer and guitarist Fred to talk sex, surnames, stalkers and sailors.

We’re absolutely loving your combo of post-punk energy with modern electro indie vibes here at Wonderland. For those who don’t know, how would you describe your music? 

Intense. Sex-like. Uncomfortable at times.

You’re three Swedes and an American, but your signed to a UK label and you play most of your shows here. Do you see the UK as a kind of spiritual home for FEWS?

We are two swedes, an american and a brit nowadays. Our original bass player quit the band when the album was recorded, when he was at the airport. I think the UK gets our music more. there’s way more depressed people here than in sweden for example.

We’re super excited to be premiering the video for 10 Things. Tell us a little bit about the concept and the production process.

Our friend Maxim Kelly came up with the concept and basically got the whole thing in gear. Unfortunately we couldn’t attend for the video because we couldn’t afford to stay any longer in UK and Jay was in the hospital.

What form does the creative process of writing a track take for you guys?

it’s really different from track to track. It’s mostly writing while recording demos at home straight in your phone after a night out.

Who or what are your key influences? And are there any new artists you’re particularly excited about at the moment?

We have obviously different influences in the band but it’s all from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Crystal Castles to Slayer. I’ve been really into Kedr Livanskiy, Meatraffle and Tvam at the moment.

What was it like working with renowned producer Dan Carey on your debut album Means? Given that he’s worked with Bat for Lashes, TOY, Bloc Party and Django Django, it seems like a pretty big achievement for so early on in your career…

It was insane. Dan is a crazy genius. He knew exactly where we wanted to take the music and pushed us in ways we had no idea were possible really.

You’re men of mystery. Why the decision not to publicly share your surnames?

It’s not necessary. We don’t see why you should really. It shouldn’t have an impact when it comes to the music. But the biggest reason is that one of us is being stalked quite seriously therefore zero surnames.

If you weren’t doing music, where do you think the four of you would be now?

We’d probably be kindergarten-teachers, sailors, drug dealers or bartenders.

You four must spend a lot of time together, especially when touring, and yet the band was first formed online. Are you friends as well as musical collaborators?

Of course. it’s not like this is a job. We met through myspace cause we couldn’t find any similar people around. We had way too much in common to not start anything together. You can go a long way with someone when they share the same taste.

You split your time between America and Sweden, but I’ve read that you’re not overly enamoured with the Swedish music scene. Is cracking the US something FEWS plan to take on? 

Nothing’s a plan but if we get the chance to fly over and play – we’ll definitely do it. Like with SXSW this year. It was insane.

You’ve played alongside the likes of Bloc Party and Ghostpoet. Of all the shows you’ve played recently, is there any one particular highlight that stands out? 

Anytime Dan Carey jumps on stage for ILL is usually pretty special.  We don’t rehearse it and with months between performances there’s always the potential for it to crash & burn – but it seems to get better each time. That and Ghostpoet helping out on our merch table at Live at Leeds – he was good at it too . Such a top geezer!

Now that the debut album has been released, what’s in the pipeline for FEWS? 

Play as much as possible live – everywhere. We’ve got quite a few shows happening. You can google it. We’ve started writing the next album. Can’t wait. ALSO, if anyone has Kedr Livanskiy’s number/email – give us a shout. We want to collab with her.

Photograph Credit
Emma Gibney
Kathleen Johnston
New Noise: FEWS

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