Barcelona Fashion Week Round-Up

We take a look at some of Barcelona fashion week’s best offerings.

One of the highlights of Barcelona Fashion week was Custo Barcelona. Refreshing ideas from their last collection, Custo look towards what is “Next” for SS17 (which also happens to be the title of the collection). Bringing out the best in beachwear, Custo created oversized, white fishnet tops and dresses with dark pink floral appliques layered over bikinis, and a silver skirt with stark geometric prints emblazoned across it, paired with a completely sheer white shirt. A whimsical white and pale pink tunic with floral appliques made an appearance too, along with an airtex mesh white top with turquoise and metallic shorts and a muted peach and lime jacket. The navy blue and white airtex cover-up that extended down to the ankles at the back was also a highlight, as were the delicately crafted bikinis peeking through under many of the looks. A stand-out piece of the collection was the sky blue flared trousers with a pink parrot and palm leaf print. Custo, take us to the beach.

Edgar Carrascal

Taking over the catwalk with his SS17 collection titled “Falcon”, Edgar Carrascal wanted to show his state of mind. His passion and yearning for freedom trickled through the intuitive menswear collection, with all eyes on the flat-as-a-pancake hats balanced precariously on the side of heads. Mixing pieces of different lengths to create interesting layering (see the knee length jackets) and the flowing baggy shorts, with main colours including black, white and jade green. The collection’s Falcon logo, complete with the F extending into a bold wing, was printed on vest tops and jumpers, bringing the focus back to Carrascal’s idea of freedom. Another eye-catching detail was the wrap-around black straps that extended up from shoes and around the calves. Edgar Carrascal had clean cut menswear down.

Krizia Robustella

For SS17, Krizia Robustella screamed fun with her collection “Happy Ending”. Loud and playful, the collection was a riot, based on the idea of a funeral being full of colour, flowers and irony. Featuring bold prints of tombstones, fences, multi-coloured leaves, smiley faces, dice and bandanas layered over a black base with white criss-crossing lines, every colour under the sun was there. Orange, bright pink and sky blue smiley faces made an appearance on black jogging bottoms and t-shirts, whilst a black mesh top with ‘Rest In Paradise’ printed across it was a surefire hit. Mesh gloves carried a bouquet of tassle flowers, matching the tassle earrings, while a tube dress bore a print mirroring the floral KR display placed behind the catwalk, complete with guns and paw prints. Who knew such a mish-mash of prints could go so well together?

Lyle & Scott

Lyle & Scott have always been the go-to for English golfers. For SS17 they have given a nod to their homeland and affirmed their status as “Proudly British.” Taking inspiration from the vintage spirit, Lyle & Scott looked back at some of the UK’s most important subculture movements and youth eras to reimagine their signature garments. Cardigans were paired with tight trousers coming down to narrow ankles in gray, black and white, whilst navy blue casual suits had multiple guitar pins and safety pins stuck through the lapels. Jackets were bizarrely zipped up around waists, and the bright yellow scarves and socks gave a hint of sunshine amongst the dark and mid-blues that the collection was created from. Mixing their classic cuts with a sporty style, Lyle & Scott created classic golf gear that wouldn’t go amiss on or off the fairway.

Brian and Beast

For “Transitional Phenomena”, aka Brian and Beast’s SS17 show, the designs evolved from was the concept the “transactional” object, where according to psychoanalysts, children create a link between an object and important psychological function such as sleep. With the disappearance of that object comes play, creativity and art. Starting off with a child walking the runway holding a teddy bear, Brian and Beast explored iconography that we all recognise. From the MILF necklace, the EVIL logo (that bares a very, very close resemblance to a certain iconic jeans brand spelt with the same letters) to the pale blue TWINK cap, Brain and Beast gave us a giggle. Drawing on a playful perspective, there was a MISTER RIGHT t-shirt made from the Mastercard logo, and a “Barcelona Elvis Memories” belt buckle. A native American headdress was paired with a wrapped denim midi skirt, whilst a tight post-box red swimsuit provided Brian and Beast’s beach look for SS17. Hints of fetish wear were apparent too, along with painted masks and a hand bag shaped like a coffin.

Annabel Lunnon
Barcelona Fashion Week Round-Up

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