adidas' London Tribe

To celebrate the return of the Gazelle, adidas enlist London’s style icons to represent their equally iconic shoe.

Unless you’ve been living somewhere without wifi (the thought doesn’t bear thinking about), you’ll have already seen a young Kate Moss fronting adidas Originals simultaneous throwback and relaunch of one of their most iconic and beloved designs, the Gazelle. Three stripes are back, not that they ever really went away, but this time on the original shoe that was worn by everyone who was anyone in the 90s.

Such a simple but timeless design has lent itself to hundreds of style tribes and the AW16 campaign is celebrating all things subculture, through the eyes of David Hellqvist. The two fashion names came together to create London’s very own style tribe, made up of: designer Charlotte Simone, musician Josh Caffe, CMMN Sweden’s creative directors Emma Hedlund and Saif Bakir and menswear buyer Darren Skey. Kate Moss might be the original Gazelle girl in our hearts but adidas’ latest dream team have got us desperate for a new pair .

You’ll be able to get your hands on a pair of the leather and suede designs this month and extra colourways are to be released throughout the summer.

“The gazelle is very contemporary: the style has existed since the 60s but its minimal design doesn’t conform to a specific era, and so it remains modern. I appreciate the simple, no-nonsense silhouette and minimal details but what I like the most is that, when looking down at your feet, the gazelle has a smaller toe box than most trainers, which makes your feet look slimmer. It’s perfect as that’s the most common view of your own trainers! The role of trainers has changed over the years and it’s gone from being a shoe worn exclusively for sport activities to a more political, economical and high fashion context. Today trainers have cultural value; they’re no longer defined just by athletic performance technology.” Saif Bakir

“London’s style is all about individuality. People strive to stick out from the rest. Trends are not followed in London; this is where they are created! It comes down to modernity, and that includes footwear. Trainers become contemporary when produced with new, inventive and modern materials, and in a new shape that challenges the traditional trainer silhouette. The gazelle’s streamlined design and clean lines make it extremely relevant today. It’s had many lives, and that’s the great thing about good design. It champions great materials and a simple aesthetic. I’m obsessed with great materials and I like that the gazelle is still being made from soft suede and that it stays true to the original.” Emma Hedlund

“London’s mixture of cultures and fearlessness really make the city stand out. Despite people saying we’re more conservative compared to other cities I think we’re quite experimental and futuristic with our looks, including trainers. On one hand I see the gazelle as an iconic retro staple, which has barely changed over the years, but at the same time it constantly manages to be part of new movements and trends. Personally I dress in a contemporary way but also take inspiration from 50s and 70s, and I put it all together in a way I feel compliments my style and personality, which in turn makes it modern. I like simplicity with my trainers and the gazelle has that.” Josh Caffe

“To me, modernity means that something — trainers or clothes — are clean, cool, sexy and sleek. Trainers can achieve that by being fresh and simple — in both the design concept and colour palette. I like to think I dress in a modern way. I keep my wardrobe colours pretty neutral: I’m always in black, navy, grey or white, and I lift my looks with Charlotte Simone garments and my baby blue gazelle trainers. Generally speaking I’m a sucker for accessories. I like the gazelle’s white stripes and simple silhouette — it’s the perfect springtime sneaker. It’s my everyday go-to option for both comfort and style. Trainers don’t have to be sporty; it’s all about how it looks and feels on my foot. Cosy and cool are key qualities for me.” Charlotte Simone

“We have an eclectic style in London, defined by individualism and wanting to stand out. You see a mixture of Parisian chic and rock’n’roll from New York. Mixing influences from all those cities, I stay in touch with ‘trends’ and then translate them into my own style DNA — and the gazelle trainer fits in with my wardrobe as it’s a timeless and elegant style. Trainers are very versatile and the gazelle has stood the test of time: it’s a staple and not a ‘fashion fad’. Fresh colourways make it a considered style but the basic shape is timeless. Although the technical nature of a trainer is important it’s not always the overriding issue — for me it’s also about the design and style of the trainer.” Darren Skey

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David Hellqvist
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adidas' London Tribe

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