7 Wonders: 7 Things We Learnt From The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” is 20! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah.

We’re about to make your Tuesday worse but then better. Yes, it’s for real, this coming Friday is the 20th anniversary if the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, it’s officially 20 years, that’s two decades, since you were wearing your inappropriately small acid green Spice tee (that’s speaking for ourselves anyway).

Fellow Spice Girls obsessives over at Spotify have compiled some stats to help you feel even older. “Wannabe” alone has been streamed 94 million times, that is as part of the equivalent of 1000 years of Spice Girls being streamed on Spotify in total. 2.6 million users of Spotify listen to Spice Girls at least once a month (guilty) and the most popular time to join the crew and listen to our five favourite ladies in at 5pm on a Thursday, getting ready for the weekend?

The Spice Girls taught us a lot of things about Girl Power and that Vicky B is better off in fashion and Geri Haliwell has provided us with a foolproof halloween outfit for many more years to come (if you haven’t got a Union Jack dress in the back of your wardrobe, you’ve gone wrong somewhere in the last 20 years). Here’s their seven lyrics we cherish the most. Viva, Forever.


Well we have to start with the song that caused us to celebrate in the first place, “Wannabe”.

Best lyric: “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”

It’s logic you just can’t argue with. Your mates don’t like your significant other? You haven’t got a hope in hell, pal.

“Two Become One”

One of the girls’ many emotional bangers, “Two Become One” got us through many a teenage crush.

Best lyric: “Set your spirit free, it’s the only way to be.”

Imagine if someone with Boyzone floppy curtains hair had sung this to you circa ’96. That’s what real love look like.

“Say You’ll Be There”

In 1996 the video for “Say You’ll Be There” was one of the most futuristic things we’d ever seen.

Best lyric: “If you can’t work this equation then I guess I’ll have to show you the door.”

All the girls are asking for is some guarantee that you’ll stand by them, and we did, for the next two decades. (It got rocky when Geri left but we stuck with them).

“Who Do You Think You Are”

Extra points if you ever crimped your hair like Geri in this vid.

Best lyric: “You have got to reach on up / Never lose your soul.”

To be honest these were the only lyrics we could pick as the best because the entire song is comprised of: “Swing it, shake it, move it, make it. Who do you think you are?” But nonetheless, never lose your soul, a message that transcends all ages.

“Spice Up Your Life”

Having a good time? Slam it to the left. Know that you feel fine? Shake it to the right. You know the score.

Best lyric: “All you need is positivity.”

How many 90s teens must have this tattooed somewhere? A mantra we believe still to this day.


Call your mother and tell her that you love her. Now.
Best lyric: “Every little thing you said and did was right for me / I had a lot of time to think about, about the way I used to be / Never had a sense of my responsibility”
It was February 1997 and we all realised that our mothers weren’t trying to ruin our lives, that those front highlights she advised against really were a bad idea and she just had our back. All discovered because of the Spice Girls’ influence.

“Viva Forever”

Pass the tissues.

Best lyric: “Live forever for the moment.”

Another of the Girls’ most tattoo-able lyrics, their tale of young love in a land of ever-setting sun was divine to our romantic, adolescent hearts.

…And we told you we would make your afternoon a whole lot better after we made you feel a touch older, here’s the only Spice Girls playlist you’ll ever need. You’re welcome.

7 Wonders: 7 Things We Learnt From The Spice Girls

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