Jacquemus rework their web-store to match the theatrical aesthetic of their LA Reconstruction collection.

“Imagine an explosion inside a cloakroom” reads the notes for Jacquemus’ LA Reconstruction, although the refined finish of the collection is an immediate sign that the entire concept is slightly more considered than that.

Pieces have been spliced in half all to come back together as new, beautifully mutated garments augmented in size and incidentally, in effect. Don’t be fooled into thinking this makes for a disjointed collection, fluidity lies in a muted pastel palette, punctuated with shocks of sugary pink and yellow details.

The layers of each original piece combine together with overlaps: a tu-tu frill bandeau hides the connection between a white sleeve and fluted yellow sleeve, a one-shoulder top combines blue shirtsleeves with a stony grey arm – the method in the madness is evident. 80s oversized shoulders add to the constructed feel, giving materials like nightie shirts and woollen jumpers awkward shapes.

Naturally, signature Jacquemus features peep through, in the pinstripes of menswear shirts and the geometric shapes but look closer and you’ll see shoes with mismatched heels and “haricot” shaped shoulder bags.

The collection launches online to coincide with the introduction of the brand’s shoppable campaign, and you can visit the e-commerce store now to shop on roadside seaside scenes.