Model Behaviour: Erin

Amber Grace Dixon and Safiya Yewkai introduce us to Erin at The Hive management.


How did you get scouted, and what’s happened since?

I was shopping downtown with my sister and a mom and a lady asked if we wanted to do a photoshoot for her store. We said yes and sent the pictures to a local agency in Cincinnati! About a year later I was signed with Re:quest in NYC and life has been crazy ever since!

Talk us through a typical day on the job

Get to a photoshoot, introduce myself to everybody, then probably sit in hair and makeup for a while depending on what we’re shooting or who it’s for and then shoot for a while. About an hour or two in I like to take control of the aux cord. Some people play music that throws off the vibe. Then we change outfits or locations or maybe break for lunch. I love when they have awesome caterers on set. I also love chatting with photographers because that’s also something I’m really interested in. At the end of the day when we wrap I like to get everyone’s information and social media so I can stay in touch!! Then I go home and SLEEP


What do you think is your best feature and why?

I’d have to say my gap in the middle of my two front teeth. It’s always been a real big controversy for me. I used to hate it and want to get it fixed, because of bullies at my school. But I’m still learning to love it, I have good days and bad days but at the end of the day I know I wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s what makes me, me!

Are most of your friends in the industry or outside it?

I’d say about equal amount. Being where I’m from (Cincinnati, Ohio) nobody is in this industry. But when I starting traveling to New York and other places I met my best friends, Allie and Pheobe. Who can easily understand the day to day struggles I go through because they have gone through it as well. But in my hometown people treat me like a glass figurine and think modeling is all glamour and no work!


What do you do when you’re not modelling?

Hanging out with my friends, watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on Food Network, reading, writing, or doing literally ANYTHING outdoors. I love being outdoors and if I wasn’t a model I’d be doing every type of sport you can think of!

Describe your dream shoot: photographer, clothes, location…

My dream shoot would definitely be in Mykonos, Greece. Mainly because I am Greek and have never been. But it’s just an insane location. Photographer would have to be either Steven Klein or Mario Testino, they are both insanely talented! Clothes would be some kind of tropical goodness. Maybe Valentino or something cool like that.


Tell us about your least glamorous moment as a model so far

Hmm. Probably last summer in New York I was at a photoshoot in Brooklyn, when I realized that I had a super important casting that day too. So my agents and I talked to the Cilent and thought it best I go there during the shoot (there were multiple models) and then come straight back to the shoot. So I left Brooklyn and went all the way back to my apartment to change… Into black jeans in the 90 degree weather..then straight to the casting and then ran back to the photoshoot. I say ran but it took me about an hour to get back there- drenched in sweat.

Describe your off-duty style

My style can range from a lot of things. My go to is super boyish and lazy. I can’t stand wearing tight clothing when I’m not working and going to castings so I usually have loose boyfriend or mom jeans and a big t shirt or a crop top. But I also love throwing on a dress and sneaks and people think I’m dressing up but in reality I just don’t want to wear pants.


Who’s your modelling idol and why?

Gisele Bundchen. She makes me want to be my ultimate best!

What’s your best hair/beauty secret?

My best hair secret is instead of towel drying it after a shower I wrap it in a cotton t shirt, it does wonders for your hair!

Army coat MAHARISHIx

Has your life changed since you started modelling, and if so, how?

Yes it has, for the better. I’ve grown more comfortable in my skin and I’m not scared to tell it like it is and make sure that nobody is screwing me over! My life has just been one wild ride ever since I’ve started modeling.

Your favourite celebrity is starting a label and wants you to be the face of it. Who would it be?

I don’t really have a favourite celebrity. If I had to pick it would be Rihanna! But she has multiple lines so I’m still waiting on that!

Jumper and bottoms MAHARISHI, boots MODELS OWN

Amber Grace Dixon
Safiya Yewkai
Hair and make up
Piera Berdicchia using bumble and bumble
Erin Eliopulos at The Hive management
Photographer's assistant
Theodora Papanikita
Styling Assistant
Klara Forman
Model Behaviour: Erin

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