New Noise: FLORES

Meet electro-R&B songstress FLORES.

Tender, soulful and chill is the best way to sum up R&B artist FLORES. Originally from the USA, wanting to pursue academic microbiology, but now residing in Norway, FLORES is part of a burgeoning R&B scene that is due to emerge into Scandinavia’s blossoming music culture. Inspired by the importance of female perspectives (including legends Bjork and Lauren Hill), James Blake, Tupac, and the reality that life is too short not to follow your dreams, FLORES writes from the heart, with her lyrics stemming from personal experiences. Sung in breathy vocals, her balance of tender lyricism with slow-produced R&B beats make for some truly soulful sounds.

FLORES’ new track “Oceans” explores those relationships where you fall in love so deeply you lose yourself: and then the intense pain of separating yourself from them. Her sensual beats balance out the glitch-y electronic undercurrents, and with the help of producer Maths Times Joy (who famously pushes the boundaries of R&B) “Oceans” moves into ambient electro-R&B territory. It has serious beats, captivating vocals and sensual slow production, proving FLORES to be the master of coalescing opposing sounds and bringing them together in perfect harmony. We’re expecting great things from FLORES.

You’re from Norway – how has this influenced your music style and what’s the music scene like there?

I’m actually from the USA originally but I live in Norway now permanently. The music scene here is thriving, especially in Scandinavia. However, the R&B scene is lacking, they’re barely finding a market for it here. Norwegian artists like Emelie Nicolas are one of the many artists that inspire me from living in Norway.

Sum up your sound in three words?

Tender. Soulful. Honest.

What is it that makes you want to make music?

Dreams. I mean it’s cliché to say but the fear of “what if it doesn’t work out” has held me from pursuing a career. But I’ve realised that life is too short to waste a dream you’ve wanted for your entire life. If I was terrible it would be a different story but I hope to find a place for my music in the world.

Your musical influences include Bjork and Lauren Hill – are you particularly inspired by female musicians?

Yes, actually I relate to them on a different level. I definitely love a lot of male artists like Bryson Tiller, James Blake and Tupac who inspire me. But a female perspective is really powerful for me. Hearing Ex Factor from Lauryn Hill is like, for real. I understand her on a different level.

What is your song writing process?

Usually I will write a song starting with a piano, then I’ll add the beat and synths to give the track a vibe. Then the producer will add their ideas and we usually go back forth before we decide what works and what doesn’t. It’s a beautiful process.

What’s the story behind your track “Oceans”?

“Oceans” is about being in a relationship where you are so deep in, you can no longer see yourself, instead you see both of you as one entity. It was to show the depths of how much one can get hurt, and how getting out of the relationship can be so difficult. It can be hard separating yourself from the other person.

You created “Oceans” with producer Maths Time Joy, who you’ve worked with before. What’s working with him like and what did he bring to the track?

Working with Maths Time Joy is so easy, I trust his talent so much. I was so emotional hearing his interpretation of “Oceans”, because I was like “wow he really gets me” and that is hard to find. We work pretty fast together, he definitely brings his own unique style, he’s an incredible producer and so versatile. I think he pushes some boundaries within R&B, and that’s so important.

Was a career in music always the plan or did you want to be something else when you were young?

I planned to be a microbiologist academically. I always dreamed of being a singer, but as I entered middle and high school I knew I wanted to then write songs and make music, I was known for it in my school.

Who’s your dream collaboration?

James Blake.

What can we expect from you during the rest of 2016?

You can definitely expect more songs with Maths Time Joy, more collaborations with different producers and some visuals for my upcoming EP very soon.

Annabel Lunnon
New Noise: FLORES

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