Premiere: ATR31 – "Ambivalence"

ATR31 are the electronic duo making waves with their track “Ambivalence”.

Meeting your producer though Tinder is an unusual way of finding your future creative partner, but this wonderful irregularity is something that surrounds ATR31. Pronounced AY-TEE-RAY, ATR31 is the electronic duo from New York City, formed of Victoria Chavez and Abraham Quezada, who took their name from Chavez’s favourite anime series and movie Neon Genesis Evangelion. Again, wonderfully unusual. Adopting the character of Rei, who is “a character I’ve adapted into my own persona, she’s an enigma, someone post-human,” Chavez explores through emotional push and pull in between waking and dreaming, and the complexities of the human condition. ATR31’s new 4-song EP sees both Chavez and Quezada writing and co-producing, proving themselves as the perfect creative partnership.

After walking around her neighbourhood, Chavez released her emotional attachments and came up with a twisting melody and the lyrics to ATR31’s new track. “Ambivalence” is a slow-burning song with lovelorn lyrics and leisurely electronic beats creating a sexy avant-garde pop. Exploring an emotional range, with lyrics such as “I want you to want me”, ATR31 get into your emotional core with “Ambivalence”. Released with Manimal Vinyl Records (who also have Bat For Lashes, Yoko Ono and Warpaint on their books), ATR31 getting ready for take-off.

Annabel Lunnon