LCM: Casely-Hayford SS17

For SS17 the father and son duo of Casely-Hayford take a look towards two opposing music genres.

Pre-Internet Influences

For Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford, their growing up experiences had two totally different experiences of the internet. One lived without it, and one had it completely embedded in every aspect of their lives. Titled “Apex Twin” the collection formed a discussion about the effects on social identities with internet, and without. Moving into a comparison on the two music genres that dominated the scene whilst they were growing up. Adopting elements of 70’s rock and 00’s grime Casely-Hayford explored the parallels and similarities between the two to create a perfectly tailored collection which explored the digital bloom of international grime culture and the staples of rock attire.

Rock V Grime

Jewellery, paisley and tie-dye fringing were just three of the rock attire elements that Casely-Hayford brought in for SS17. With patterns inspired by The Beatles trip to India and Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”, the main influences were the clashing prints of 70’s rock and details from traditional Moroccan and Palestinian dress, which were contrasted with the clean and streamlined minimalism of Grime’s British sportswear looks. Bleach was splattered on neatly stitched stripes and Cubitt’s hand-made British eyewear that the models donned were made from brightly coloured acetate and were designed in authentic 70’s inspired silhouettes.

For The Ladies

Debuting their new womenswear capsule collection, Casely-Hayford created richly coloured jacquards, notch-lapelled coats and a raw hemmed opaque patterned silk dress with knit-detail shoulders and a knit top with silk shoulder panels. The collection was presented to launch their brand new personal bespoke service, where, by appointment only, Casely-Hayford will customise a number of pieces straight from the runway.

Annabel Lunnon