Public School Collection 1 2017

Public School go guerrilla with the first of two off-calendar shows.

Public School Collection 1 2017 It’s Showtime

It’s been months since Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne announced that they’re abandoning the old –or depending on who you ask, outdated– fashion calendar schedule to show what they’ve labeled Collection 1, resort and spring, and Collection 2, pre-fall and fall in June and December respectively. Today, however, is show time, and pressing questions seemed to be on the mind just moments before the presentation. Did the boys opt to do this to make their jobs and DKNY less stressful? Will I find “Collection 1” under Resort, Spring —or both— on websites that host all of the collection images from each season? Will the clothes be any good? Thirty-Four runway looks later we can answer the last question with a definite yes.

Polishing The Foundation

Knowingly or unknowingly the boys seem to be following the same plan of action they’ve taken with DKNY with their line, polishing the ideas they’ve pushed down the runway over the past few seasons. Oversized silhouettes, present. Men’s outerwear, of course, shined in this category thanks to black overcoats and lightweight fishtail parkas in yellow. A strong feminine edge was in attendance. A t-shirt with big sleeves and a matching skirt with sliced like cut outs, and a spaghetti strapped dress that been perfect on a starlet for the recent CFDA awards could make even the girliest girl toughen up a bit. Layering had moments to shine as well when a white shirt and black jacket with silver hardware combo hit the catwalk. Was the look simple, yes, yet hundreds of fashion girls would look so cool in the ensemble.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Before the final walk, a guy appeared and spray-painted on the mock factory installation set up inside of the show venue “We Need Leaders”. WNL for short, this phrase is the initiative that Chow and Osborne started to shine a light on those who are leading the world to a better place within their respective fields. So who are these authority figures that the duo are calling out to rise to the occasion? Are the industry insiders who take a stand against the whitewashed New York, London, Milan and Paris runways? Or young advocates who rise and protect those bullied for having developmental disabilities or belonging to the LBGT community? Whoever or wherever these new leaders may be, let’s hope they’ll be stylishly outfitted in Public School.

Nigel Isaiah