7 Wonders: We Love Green

Did you miss it? We cover the two-day eco-friendly extravaganza of mind blowing music, food and powerful think-talks over at Paris’ green-thumbed festival.

All pictures © Julien Mignot

All pictures © Julien Mignot

On a scale of one to absolutely energy efficient, We Love Green festival comes at the top of the scale acting as pioneers with deep-rooted thoughts about sustainable development. The festival gave Paris magical electro music, talks about our environment and heavenly good food fit for a king. Raising awareness and encouraging the public to change their environmental behaviours is what We Love Green does best and in a playful and unique way too. Billing itself as a human laboratory, it’s a no-waste festival and this year the organisers introduced its first ever anti-waste restaurant which served food that was past its sell by date. Uh-mazingly eco-friendly.

2016 held the fifth edition of the sustainable festival in magical Paris and with an eclectic mix of rock, pop and electronic tunes as well as the showcasing of great French acts, this is THE festival to go to with eco-friendly values at its core. We take you through some of the things we enjoyed most, nature lovers, prepare yourselves!


All pictures © Julien Mignot

What’s a festival without a nice slice of cake, and good cake at that?! So worth the crumbs. Food at We Love Green fest was humanely sourced and they also sold food that was past their sell by date in a stance for an anti-waste society, making sure the waste was composted. But back to the main point. Cake. #win.

Crazy Rain

All pictures © Julien Mignot

Come on, it was bound to happen. A little rain never hurt anybody. Have you actually tried singing in the rain? It’s surprisingly super fun. Yes the heavens opened and we had an absolute blast splashing about! It certainly didn’t ruin Jehnny Beth’s performance seen here as she rocks out like a trooper.

Solar Panel Seating

All pictures © Julien Mignot

Ok, so you probably weren’t meant to sit on these, but this is resourcefulness at its best right? The festival really thought out everything to the point where it generated it’s own renewable energy fuelled by solar and wind power. The guests probably needed to recharge after Girl Band’s 45 min set of pure energy pumping beats.

Hypnotising Talks

All pictures © Julien Mignot

Have these guys gone under? It looks like the mesmerising think-talks had an impact on its crowd. Speakers gave insightful information on our environment in the talks called “Nature is Speaking” and “Man Vs Wild”.

Secret Digs

All pictures © Julien Mignot

Isn’t there always that moment where things get a bit much and the crowd of sweaty bodies and spilt sticky drinks get on your last nerve? The festival had THE cutest little hideaway spots where you and a friend could hang in a mini concaved chair and have chats away from the craziness but still feeling the vibes.

Best Bands

All pictures © Julien Mignot

We Love Green showcased some amazing French and international talents that we all need to know about! Some of our faves were: LCD Soundsystem – James Murphy ‘s back, need we say more?, Âme – it was popping off Sunday night, and glaswegian God Hudson Mohawke – hit blasted out the craziest beats.

Perfect Poses

All pictures © Julien Mignot

If you’re not posing by the big festival title, then what are you doing! It’s like the main aim of every festival surely? Think of it like your mini obstacle course of the day whilst you try to climb on top of the lettering to take a fabulous picture that tells all about your insane weekend.

Lizzie Griffin
7 Wonders: We Love Green

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