Elohim Playlist

Trippy alt-queen Elohim has sorted us out the ultimate chill playlist.

You’ll almost certainly remember Elohim if you’ve been with us for a while: her characteristic style and meditative-cum-melancholy vibes first won us over thanks to ‘Xanax’, which we premiered late last year. Back then, she’d already worked with Casey Veggies and notched up nods from Zane Lowe and hundreds of thousands of Spotify plays.

Now, with her self-titled debut EP freshly released, it’s become clear just how ambitious Elohim really is. Although the term Visual Album is, for obvious, Beyonce related reasons, pretty hot stuff right now, the accompanying videos on Elohim don’t feel tagged on for trend-jumping reasons. Instead, stellar tracks like the lead single “Sensations” find themselves beautifully matched by the musician’s intriguing video work: make sure you check them out exclusively on Apple Connect. Before you do that, though, plug in to this Friday-calm-before-the-weekend-storm playlist which Elohim has curated for us. Describing the selection as “Wonderland calm me down” – because the tracks are all numbers which help ease her anxiety – Elohim takes us step by step through a playlist is considered, eclectic and, of course, eminently relaxing: just the way we like it.

Radiohead – “Kid A”

I tend to listen to this entire album almost every time I fly on an airplane. It transports me into a different world. It triggers so many senses in me yet eases any worry. Pretty remarkable. I am forever grateful this song and album were created.

PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Come and See Me FT. Drake”

Sometimes when I am feeling anxious one of my processes that helps me is making myself feel strong and badass. This song does that for me. I love the melodies.

Animal Collective – “BEES”

These sounds are beautiful. Animal Collective is one of my favorite bands. I am so inspired by their creativity and individuality. I heard them perform “Bees” in LA about a month ago and was instantly moved. It felt so different from the rest of their music. Almost hints at Bjork a bit.

Radiohead – “Separator”

Separator makes me feel like seaweed dancing in the ebb and in the flow. It releases my jitters. Opens my chest and lets all the butterflies fly away. Another absolutely stunning gift from Radiohead.

Bjork – “Unravel”

I’m a massive fan of Bjork and her spectacular voice. This song is utterly magical to say the least. Moving lyrics wrapped up in the smoothest silkiest melodies that just glide into your ears and every vessel. Another artist and song I am grateful for.

xxyyxx – “About You”

Sometimes this is my alarm in the morning. Eases me into the sunlight. Brings me to life.

FKA Twigs – “Water Me”

When I first heard “Water Me” I listened on repeat for an entire day. That initial feeling has stuck with me everytime I listen to it.

Broken Social Scene – “Anthems for a seventeen year old girl”

There is something about “Anthems for a Seventeen year old girl”. I almost can’t explain. It is so nostalgic and reminds me of falling in love. It reminds me that everything is ok and to smile. A truly unique piece of art.

Billie Holiday – “Goodmorning Heartache”

I love Billie Holiday so much. I have listened to this song on vinyl lying in my living room, walking around my living room, enjoying company in my living room countless times. She has one of the warmest most undeniable voices that has ever existed. Bless the universe for giving us this soothing voice.

Elohim is available now from iTunes and Spotify.

Elohim Playlist

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