Playlist: Pillow Talk #2

Welcome to your monthly Pillow Talk playlist on Wonderland

Our goal here is to provide you with an essential survival kit of jams for hangovers, afterparties and mornings after – songs from anytime, anyplace, and anyone. It’s been a heavy month of Panama Papers and Purple Rain so here’s ten songs to cushion the blow. RIP Prince.

Metronomy – “Old Skool”


Ideal for after-parties and clean-up missions, this gloriously retro centric comeback bid from Metronomy comes complete with a funky disco break and nostalgic scratch action from Master Mike of the Beastie Boys. Their record is expected out this summer, we should dance.

Del Monte – “I Don’t Want Any Baloney”


We have to wait till 2017 till Twin Peaks is back. That means at least another year of obsessing over unanswered questions, red rooms, log ladies and Diane. Fortunately, Bristolian DJ and producer Del Monte has turned in this magnificent 10 minute opus dedicated to Angelo Badalamenti’s original score. A kind of warped, bit-crushed, mellow house fitting of the Lynchian mountaintops.

Andy Williams – “Can’t Get Used To Losing You”


This early ‘60s cut from Andy Williams became the fabric for Hold Up – the Ezra Koenig co-write on Beyonce’s earth-shattering #LEMONADE. Turns out this original is just as infectious. Double-tracked vocal harmonies and that central plucky hook which shines just as bright here.

Baby’s Gang – “Happy Song”


Deciding which Italo cuts are best to listen to when you’re hungover is an impossible task. It’s like choosing between children. I was reminded of this cut through a list on Dummy so at this moment in time it would be my Italo remedy of choice. Cure the headache and sing that happy song.

Popcaan – “OVA DWEET”


Perhaps the biggest tragedy re: Drake’s Views (aside from the saddening reality that it wasn’t that good) was the absence of Popcaan. Drake had promised a feature from the unruly boss but all we got was a sample lifted from his still-brilliant 2014 record Where We Come From. Never fear, Popcaan still has us covered. Get to know this one if you occasionally Ova Dweet (over do it).

 TLC – “If I Was Your Girlfriend”


The aftermath of losing one of the greatest to ever do it leads you down many roads. I’ve been going back through Prince covers through the ages and this version of If I Was Your Girlfriend recorded for TLC’s 1994 record CrazySexyCool is one of the best of the bunch.

D∆WN – “Honest”


Dawn Richard’s arrival on Fade To Mind has been an exciting prospect for months. The R&B outsider has always seemed like a brilliant fit for the label who specialise in skewed interpolations of club music and cloudy pop melodies. This track doesn’t disappoint. Neither does the EP which is out now.

The Isley Brothers – “Footsteps In The Dark”


This song ended up becoming the foundation for Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day. In terms of the overall picture painted by the Brothers on this 1978 classic, Cube couldn’t have picked a better starting block. Cut out all the distractions goin’ on elsewhere.

Project Pablo – “Closer”


Having already turned in world-class offerings to the shelves of 1080p and Church, Project Pablo is gearing up to drop his Beaubien Dream 12” at the start of June on SOBO. This track is the first taste of that release and it tastes so so sweet. Effortless groves, languid synth hooks and ever-distant cowbells fixing together for optimum satisfaction.

Prince – “Forever In My Life”

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Naturally, we could have dedicated this entire playlist to the king called Prince. Very few artists – if any – provided the ideal tones for hazy mornings and sprawling afterparties quite like he did. With that in mind, here’s an 11 minute live version of one of an all-time great love song. Appropriately, his purple reign over soundtracking our day-to-day will be forever in our lives.

Duncan Harrison